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State University of New York at Stony Brook (SUNY)
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  Stony Brook University belongs to State University of New York (Stony Brook, Buffalo, Binghamton, and Albany), has a tradition of 100 years, and made a contract for academic exchanges of culture, students, and professors with Gachon University in March 1998. Gachon University plans to extend partnership and cooperation in the field of Oriental medicine and Western medicine, Economics and Law. Gachon University made a contract for a double-degree program with Stony Brook as well. Students are supposed to achieve both degrees of Gachon and Stony Brook Univ., under the condition that they study for two years in each university.
  Stony Brook Univ. was established in 1956, and is about 87km away from New York. The school offers a free school bus system for day students and dormitory students. Local busses also stop at the Stony Brook University bus station. On the school campus, there is Stony Brook train station for the Long Island Railway and students can go to New York and Long Island. Stony Brook was selected as an outstanding university of the New York state by New York Times in 2010, as the school won the 2nd place followed by UC Berkeley at Top Public Universities in New York. Stony Brook is also a member of AAU (American Association of University), which includes famous universities such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, and Yale. The school distinguished itself in not only science and engineering fields but especially in the fields of nuclear physics, mathematics, and computer engineering. The school is always placed above 30th place in universities of the USA. If you want to apply for a double-degree program at Stony Brook, you need to be a student in your 4th semester at Gachon Univ. and need to have achieved over 1/2 of the required credits for graduation, and the same or similar major should be offered at Stony Brook. Also, other qualifications for this application are; 3.5 average credit, and English proficiency test score such as IBT 80+, CBT 213, or PBT 550. Students are selected through document examinations and interviews.
  Stony Brook’s branch school, founded in March 2013 at Songdo Global University Campus is the first foreign university that offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral degrees. Students can achieve a Stony Brook degree simultaneously as they graduate. The school currently offers computer science, technology management, and mechanical engineering majors, and is planning to establish a computer science major, FIT fashion school, applied math major and other additional majors. Students are selected by American admission officers. The ratio of foreign students is over 30% since students from 20 different countries have applied for the school and lectures are given in English in every class. Korea’s College Scholastic Ability Test is not admitted and students are required to submit English Performance scores such as SAT, ACT, TOFLE, IELTS. The school offers the same curriculum as Stony Brook; students can achieve a degree from Stony Brook under the condition they are enrolled for a year. In Songdo Global University Campus in which Stony Brook is included, there are George Mason, Gent, Utah University and other schools. Saint Petersburg Conservatory, Bolshoi National Ballet Academy, Las Vegas State University are also under the contract. There are several institutions established by Stony Brook such as CEWIT (Center for excellence Wireless and Information Technology), this institute T fusion research institution. CEWIT research on various IT fields, such as Smart Energy, Hybrid Network, and Mobile Computing, with 440 other great research teams including professors of Stony Brook University.

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