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Unforgettable Memory at Gachon University
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  There is a Korean proverb which goes, “The gem cannot be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.” This really matches my character as I always think that people will gain experience and improve themselves only after going through lots of challenges. Therefore I joined the student exchange program in order to experience more, which I think is worthy to my life.
  “Annyeonghaseyo, manaseobangawoyo!” With only these two Korean expressions, I flew from Malaysia to Korea, starting my life as an exchange student at Gachon University. I still cannot believe that I was able to survive the first two weeks before my Korean language classes started. I merely used body language to communicate whenever I bought some groceries. I’d like to appreciate my Korean language class teachers, with their guidance and sharing. I am now able to use simple sentences to interact with Korean people, though using some slang.
  One thing that is worth pointing out is the courtesy of Koreans. They will not see you as a foreigner, but instead they will try to engage you with the society so that you will not feel uncomfortable or awkward in a new environment. This was especially true when I celebrated my 21st birthday in another country for first time! This enjoyable memory will always stay vivid in my mind. My student buddies treated me to a delicious Korean meal and sang the Korean version of the happy birthday song to me. Frankly speaking, the touching feeling is truly hard to express in words. My Korean buddies also frequently take me around Seoul and help me whenever I encounter difficulties and queries.
  Another thing that shouldn’t be missed is the beautiful environment of Gachon University. I still remember the moment I arrived here. My expression was, “Wow!” The buildings of the entire campus are stylish in architectural design, and part of the campus is conserved for trees. In the spring I was also amazed by the natural beauty of the cherry blossoms and the romantic feeling that permeated the whole campus. It was a wonderful panorama and it was right in front of my eyes!
  Moreover, since I have a strong enthusiasm for my major, Microbiology, I am taking subjects related to my course as well. Somehow I found that all the lecturers and classmates were very kind and they were willing to help me anytime I couldn’t understand what was being taught. Some of the subjects were taught in Hangul. In other words, they always made sure that I was following the lecture. I felt they were more like my learning companions, and I really cherish their valuable friendship.
  Korean cuisine, culture, courtesy, friendship, society, hospitality…… every single experience and feeling will be kept in my heart as a witness of my awesome life in Korea. Thank you Gachon University! You provided me with the opportunity to be exposed to a totally different learning environment, compared to my home country, and in addition widening my horizon and expanding my social circle to the other side of the world.

On Yue Yuan Dept.Tourism management

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