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President calls Kim outcast
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Updated : 2015.06.30  18:51:44
트위터 페이스북 미투데이 요즘 네이버 구글 msn

  President Park Geun-hye 1)condemned the attack on U.S. Ambassador to Korea Mark Lippert, Friday.
  "The attacker's extreme claims and anti-United States and 2)anti-ROK-U.S. joint military exercises behavior , 3)run counter to the ideas of most Koreans, who are 4)in favor of liberal democracy," 5)Park was quoted as saying.
  "President Park said that it is appalling and unimaginable that the U.S. ambassador was attacked 6)in broad daylight in Korea which is pursuing free democracy and peace," presidential spokesman Min Kyung-wook said in a briefing in the United Arab Emirates (UAE).
  Lippert, 42, who 7)took over as ambassador in October, was slashed Thursday on the face and wrist by a 8)xenophobic activist, Kim Ki-jong, 9)wielding a 25-centimeter (10-inch) knife, while preparing to give a speech at a breakfast forum.
  Park 10)was on a trip to four Middle Eastern nations, and the UAE was her third stop.
  11)In the wake of what U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry called a "senseless attack," the government has 12)stepped up efforts to prevent the incident from adversely affecting the 62-year-old Korea-U.S. alliance.
President Park supports the move, saying that the majority of Koreans condemn the attack and 13)the activist's stance."The 14)authorities should thoroughly investigate the suspect, who has a 15)track record of violence against diplomats, to strictly punish the attacker and any others responsible in order to prevent such an incident from reoccurring."
  Hours after the attack happened, Park said the latest incident was not only an act of physical violence on the U.S. ambassador in Seoul, but also an attack on the Korea-U.S. alliance, which cannot be pardoned.
  In addition, President Park telephoned Lippert from the UAE saying that she would pray for his quick recovery and said she will closely cooperate with the U.S. to ensure the incident will not have a negative effect on Korea-U.S. relations, Cheong Wa Dae announced.
  Lippert responded to Park, saying in Korean that he "was honored to hear warm words" from her, according to Park's office.
  Earlier in the day, the presidential office, the government and the ruling Saenuri Party held a high-level meeting in Seoul and decided that 16)the slashing of the American envoy was conducted by a pro-North Korea group.
In addition, they agreed to 17)make joint efforts to 18)keep the alliance intact from the attack and strengthen security for foreign officials here.
  "We stipulated the violence was linked to pro-North Korea activists, and agreed to completely investigate it to uncover the truth," said Rep. Yoo Seong-min, 19)floor leader of the ruling party.

1) condemn: (어떤 일에 대해 도덕적인 이유(moral reason))로 강한 반감을 표하다, 비난하다, 규탄하다
2) anti-ROK-U.S. joint military exercises behavior: ‘한미 합동(연합) 군사훈련에 반대하는 태도’. 여기서 ROK는 the Republic of Korea로 한미동맹은 ROK-U.S. alliance나 the Korea-U.S. alliance이다.
3) run counter to something: ~을 거스르다, 어긋나다(=to be in opposition to something)
4) in favor of liberal democracy: 자유 민주주의를 찬성(지지)하는(=in support of something)
5) Park was quoted as saying: ‘박 대통령이 말한 것으로 전해졌다.’ 박 대통령이 인용부호(“ “)속에 있는 내용을 말했으므로 이것을 saying뒤에 연결시켜 생각하면 된다.
6) in broad daylight: 대낮에(백주에)
7) took over as ambassador: ‘대사 직책을 맡은’
8) Xenophobic: 외국인에게 혐오감이나 두려움을 드러내는
9) wielding: 칼을 휘두른. 여기서 칼을 휘두른 사람은 바로 앞에 나와있는 김기종(Kim Ki-Jong)이다.
10) was on a trip to four Middle Eastern nations: ‘중동 4개국을 순방하는 중이었다.’
11) In the wake of something: ~에 뒤이어서
12) step up: ~을 강화하다
13) the activist’s stance: 활동가의 태도. stance는 어떤 일에 대하여 가지고 있는 태도(attitude) 뜻한다.
14) authorities는 결정권을 가진 조직을 뜻하는 단어로 여기서는 정부당국을 말한다.
15) track은 명사로 ‘흔적’, ‘증거’라는 뜻으로 쓰였다.
16) the slashing of the American envoy(=slash the American envoy): ‘미국인 외교사절을 칼로 상처 입힌 것은’, 전치사 of는 목적격 관계를 나타낸다.
17) make joint efforts: 공동의 노력을 기울이다
18) keep the alliance intact: 동맹을 온전한 상태로 유지하다. intact는 온전한(complete)의 의미이다.
19) floor leader of the ruling party: 여당의 원내대표.

By Kang Seung-Woo

Source: The Korea Kimes

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