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University of Hawaii at Manoa
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  The University of Hawaii opened in 1907 and has a Manoa Campus and Hilo Campus. On June 9, 2011, Gachon University and Manoa Campus began the exchange program named Hokipa.
  The University of Hawaii, Manoa Campus ranked is 156th in national universities selected by US News. In addition, this campus ranked top 15 in undergraduate International Business Administration (International Business) majors selected by US News and world Report. The Campus designed, manufactured and launched a satellite for the first time in the world. The school holds Coconut island for marine research at 15 mile point, on Oahu Island. And the Manoa Camus provides 25 foreign language classes and was selected as one of the top 10 most beautiful college campuses in the U.S. by Best Colleges. In addition, the engineering and natural science colleges of the campus ranked in Top 30 public universities which were provided with the largest financial supports by Federal Government. Manoa campus manages more than 200 degree programs in 19 colleges and graduate schools including Physics, Business, Education, Engineering, Tourism management, Social Welfare, Architecture, Law, Medicine, Asia-Pacific Studies, Nursing, School of Dental Hygiene, and Hawaiian Studies. There are specialized graduate schools of Pharmacy, Business, Marine•Earth Science•Engineering, medical science, and law. Among them, Hawaii Pacific Studies, Astronomy, East Asian Studies, Literature, Asian Studies, Comparative Philosophy, and Oceanography received excellent evaluation. Botany, Earth Physics, Linguistics, Law, and Math Department offer high-level education. For admission Manoa campus requires the applicants from non-English speaking countries to submit above TOEFL CBT 173, IBT 61, PBT 500. To enter fall semester you must apply by January 5, for Spring Semester you must apply by September 1. In Manoa campus the number of students is about 20,000 and the number of undergraduates is 14,500. 
  Distinctively the Manoa Campus has a Center for Korean Studies. The campus opened Korean Studies classes in 1950 and established the Center for Korean Studies in 1972. This Centre is well known as the largest Center for Korean Studies overseas. Moreover, what makes this Center show off is its unique building design, which represents Geungjeongjeon and Hyangwonjeong in Gyeongbok Palace. This Center currently provides a variety of classes such as Anthropology, Clothing Design, Art and Art History, Asian Studies, Dance, Literature, Ethics, History, Korean, Law, Business, Music, Political Science, Religion, Sociology, Women’s Studies. The goal of the Center of Korean Studies is to promote people’s interests in Korean Studies in conjunction with faculty members in a variety of fields such as Communication, Economy, Ethnic Music Studies, Education, Geography, Language, Language studies, Literature, Politics, and Sociology. 
  Lastly, Manoa campus is located in Mano near Honolulu, Hawaii, U.S.A. Manoa is 4.8 km to the east of downtown Honolulu and 1.6 km away from Allahmanoa and Waikiki. It has lots of moisture and it rains frequently. There is Manoa Falls which is a famous tourist spot. It is located in the woods so you can enjoy the scenery of the woods as well as forest. Tantalus Mountain is popular, too. Tantalus is the Mountain in the Makiki neighborhood next to Manoa. While you go up along the snaky course, you can see a dense primeval forest and the entire view of Honolulu. The night view from here is famous as well.

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