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Have you found your ‘real’ self?The journey to find the ‘real’ me within myself; The Good Wife
Lee Hyun-Young  |  rjfbch@naver.com
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Updated : 2015.09.11  17:04:00
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  Many people do not know themselves. We don’t live a life as our 'real’ selves, but as the ‘ourselves to show’. Sometimes we may think we have found our 'real’ selves, and live our lives mistakenly thinking that what we see is real. However, our looks are carelessly drawn and colored by others, so they are not really ‘real’. Actually, some people live according to plans made by their parents when they were born. They live under the delusion that it is the life they want. It’s a pitiable reality since many people are unable to find their own identity in the beauty and awesomeness of youth.

 The Good Wife is a TV drama whose main character, like us, is living with losing herself and she is on a roll to regain her identity. It is an American courtroom drama in its 6th season. This drama describes the process main character goes through as a ‘good wife’ and who has lost herself, but regains her confidence and wins back both work and love. This change can be seen in the changes shown in the character on each seasons poster. Now, let’s look together at her journey to find herself.

*Posters of the early seasons - She seems to be worried or complaining.                                 *Posters of the late seasons - She has a very confident and comfortable look on her face.

  The drama begins with the main character Alicia, and her husband Peter. Peter publicly apologizes and resigns after being accused of sex scandals and corruption. It is important that Alicia stands with Peter with a blank expression on her face when he holds a press conference. The scene reminds us of Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton. This scene reveals the passive attitude of Alicia. With no income at all, Alicia must return to working as a lawyer, which she did before her marriage to Peter. However, she repeatedly fails the interview because of her husband’s corruption and her long career break. Finally she joins Will’s law firm with the help of Will, who is her ex-boyfriend and college classmate. For Alicia’s first case she must defend a woman named Jennifer who is accused of killing her ex-husband. The prosecution contends that Jennifer’s statement that a man shot her ex-husband in his car and then ran back to a truck, was a lie. The prosecution claims there were no trucks on any surveillance cameras around the scene of the incident. But Alicia discovers decisive evidence that the former attorney missed. She finds out that the surveillance camera recording of the day of the murder was fabricated. In the recordings, the same plastic bag flies into the parking lot at the same time on the day of the murder, as well as on the next day and the previous day. Thus, the charge against Jennifer is dropped and Alicia wins her first case. Alicia successfully returns to being a lawyer. However, she has pain in her heart caused by her husband Peter. She just pretends that she is cool in the beginning of the drama, but then we see her sitting alone at home crying, revealing the wounds of her heart, while watching a leaked video of her husband's sex scandal. However, as the drama develops, Peter clings to her and tries to maintain their marriage life. Meanwhile, Will gradually begins to express his feelings about Alicia by reminding her of their college days. Alicia cannot help being attracted to Will. Alicia's appearance changes from being a devoted wife at home to a stately woman with high self-esteem. She is the winner of both work and love by finding her identity. Season 1 ends with Peter declaring his candidacy for political office. Alicia is left feeling conflicted between her husband's hand reaching for her and a phone call from Will.

  The Good Wife does a good job of coordinating one large story with a smaller episode. The drama revolves around Peter's running for governor as the big story and Alicia defending cases as a small plot. The greatest advantage of this drama is that you never feel bored because it develops a big story and simultaneously tells suspenseful episodes. At this point, I want to introduce a famous quote.  If you are an adult, you might have heard it at least once. It is Socrates's words, "Know yourself". These days, many of us argue about others but we do not know ourselves. However, there is nothing more important than finding our own identity. Do you not feel a sense of respect, and envy the process of Alicia solving the case? This is because she finds her true identity and she is doing what she likes and what she's good at. However, I think we can be the envy of all as long as we proceed on our journey to find the ‘real’ us, like Alicia.

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