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Gachon University’s project to nurture globally talented individuals, the first TOEFL campLooking into Gachon University’s first TOEFL camp
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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  What is TOEFL? TOEFL is an abbreviation for ‘Test of English as a Foreign Language’ and it is the test for those who do not use English as their native language. TOEFL’S perfect score is 120 and it tests listening, reading, speaking and writing skills. This test measures candidates’ ability to understand a college level of standard American English. Students of non-English speaking nations, especially, need TOEFL scores to apply for English speaking nations or student exchange program. So, Gachon University held the first Global TOEFL Camp in the summer of 2015 for the students who want to study TOEFL.

  Gachon University recommends this camp to students who want to get a high TOEFL score in an intensive program or who want to apply for student exchange programs or visiting student programs. Furthermore, this camp is recommended for students who planned to study TOEFL but failed to achieve their goal, who did not get equal scores across the four skills of TOEFL because they focused on only reading and listening skills, who want to get a job in a foreign affiliated company or foreign country after graduation, or who want to apply for the Gachon Global Center’s Hawaii language study programs. 

  Firstly, to apply for TOEFL camp, students need to submit a participation form and a consent form which are for collecting, using and offering personal information, and a copy of their report card of official or mock TOEIC (TOEFL) exams which were taken after 1st of December in 2014. Mock TOEIC or TOEFL proofs of application can substitute for a report card. However, after submitting a proof of application, if students do not take the exam, your selection as a member of this camp will be cancelled. Registered students from the Global Campus can only apply for the camp in person in the Global zone (indoor gymnasium) information desk from Tuesday 2nd of June in 2015 at nine o’clock. Registered Students from the Medical Campus can only apply for the camp through e-mail at the same time on the same day. Also, registered students from the Medical Campus can send submission document by scanning and sending them through e-mail. Later, they can submit the original files on the first orientation day after final selection.

  The first TOEFL camp recruited camp members in order of application from Tuesday, 2nd of June in 2015 to Friday, 12th of June. The training began on Monday, 27th of July in 2015 and finished on Tuesday, 18th of August. The camp held on Gachon University’s International Language Center and 50 students registered. However, students who are supposed to graduate in August, 2015 and who exceeded semesters were excluded. TOEFL camp is an English intensive immersion commuting program and it takes 8 hours per day, so a total of 130 hours for training. Lastly, this camp covers personal studying interviews.

  This camp has two classes, a basic class and an intermediate class. First of all, the basic class aims for a score of 70 and over, so students learn the basic skills in this class. Students who submitted above 500 and below 800 on TOEIC, and below 70 on TOEFL, took this class. Next, intermediate class aims for high scores and teaches in-depth study. Students who get into this class submitted above 800 on TOEIC or above 70 on TOEFL. Students need to be aware that classes are decided by your TOEIC (TOEFL) score and you cannot change the class.

  Tuition fee for this camp is 700,000 won and students can make payment with their tuition fee for the second semester of 2015 depending on their final score completion. So, students had to take the school mock IBT TOEFL exam and submit their score within one month after completing camp. Students who have above a 100 completion score receive 700,000 won for scholarship; scores of 80~99 receive 500,000 won, and scores of 70~79 receive 300,000 won. However, students below 90% attendance rate are excluded from any scholarship. What’s more, if students have above 70 on IBT TOEFL and above 90% attendance rate at the same time, they can get additional points when they apply for the Hawaii Premium Course and Sending Students Overseas Program.

  TOEFL might be a difficult exam for those who were born in Korea and are used to Korean Language. This is because the TOEFL test consists of not only listening and reading, but also speaking and writing. However, didn’t Benjamin Franklin say,Well done is better than well said’? Instead of saying “It is so difficult that I can’t do it,” do it when you have the chance. Through this opportunity, I expect that students can get the score they want in a short time. Moreover, I hope camp participants study harder so that they can get a completion score above 100 and receive a scholarship, meaning tuition is free. This will be like killing two birds with one stone. Lastly, I hope the Gachon TOEFL camp, which is designed to improve students’ TOEFL grades, will expand and stay out longer as it gains in students’ popularity.

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