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  There are so many coffee shops in Korea. Many people often go coffee shops. They drink coffee, meet friends or study something in there. Also, there are too many coffee brands in Korea, for examples, Starbucks, Twosome, Ediya, Angel in us, etc. The each brands differ to menu, cafe’s atmosphere, marketing and price. So, people choose coffee shops for their taste. What’s the point that people choose specific coffee shop? So, I’ll compare three brand coffee shops that people usually go. It’s Starbucks, Twosome, Ediya. The standard of comparison are price, menu, each cafe’s atmosphere, and marketing.
  First, compare to price, the Ediya cafe is lowest price. In contrast, the Starbucks and Twosome place coffee have expensive price. So, the customer who find inexpensive price visit the Ediya. Also, It differ to menu, too. The Starbucks focus on coffee. The customer can choose coffee bean, shots, drizzle and whipping cream, so they can drink coffee their taste. Beside, the Starbucks have not coffee, but also have many tumblers. So, the customer can buy tumblers. Next, The Twosome can choose coffee bean and shots, too. But it has small condition of selection. The twosome focus on desert, so they have many delicious cake and cookies. The Ediya’s menu is just coffee and juice. Instead of focusing something, The Ediya has inexpensive price so it’s the strong point than other coffee shop’s menu. That is, the side of price and menu, the Ediya has lowest price. And the Starbucks focus on coffee, and The Twosome focus on dessert. So the customer choose coffee shop their preference
  Second, compare to cafe’s atmosphere. The Starbucks’s interior is for single person who study something or relax. It has space that people see the window, so people can see the outside, drink coffee and take a rest. Also it has high large table, too so people sit there and do something together. The Starbucks’ table usually use material lumber. It gives peaceful and comfortable feeling. Also, the peculiar point is that the Starbucks haven’t smoking room. It’s because the Starbucks makes customer smell coffee’s incense, so they haven’t smoking room. In contrast, the Twosome’s interior focus on small group. So, it has comfortable table and chair. Also it’s interior focus on modern style. The Twosome has modern style table and chair, too. Similarly, the Ediya focus on modern style, too. It has simple table and chair. But it’s too small space to near table. Maybe it’s because the Ediya want to many customer, for examples, it places to near University so they capture students who don’t have enough money. Like this the coffee shops have different cafe’s concept.
  Third, the point that people choose coffee shop is customer service. It relates to membership. The each coffee shops have specific membership points. The Starbucks has too many promotions and memberships. They have Starbucks card, it has different design and launching every season. So People who want different card’s design and collect them buy every season. Also, the Starbucks executes too many promotion. For example, it has e-Frequency. If the customers buy 12 cups of coffees that include promotions beverage, the Starbucks give customers tumbler. Further, if the customers who join the Starbucks member buy a cups of coffee, they give star. The customer collect the stars, they enjoy favor to star’s number. Next, the twosome’s membership is relate CJ points. So, it combines other store and customer can collect point easily. And It differs to twosome shop, there are stamps card. So customer collect 10 stamps, it gives a free cup of coffee. Last, The Ediya has stamps card. It’s similar to Twosome stamps card, but it can use different Ediya store. So each coffee shops have different way that lead customers.
  The Starbucks, Twosome place coffee, Ediya have different price, menu, cafe’s style and promotion. There are too many coffee shops have different ways, too. So the customer choose coffee shops to their preference. It’s on coffee taste, price or cafe’s style. The coffee shop are no more just drink coffee, it’s space that relax, take rest and give something to customer. So the people go coffee shops and choose coffee shops to their taste. You can go and choose coffee shop, too!



  There are a lot of coffee shops in Korea, and a lot of people who often go to coffee shops. They drink coffee, meet friends, or study there. But there are too many coffee shop chains to choose from in Korea: Starbucks, Twosome Place, Ediya, Angel in Us, etc. Each chain has different to menu items, atmospheres, marketing, and prices so people can choose coffee shops according to their taste. How do people choose a specific coffee shop? I’ll compare three popular coffee shops chains: Starbucks, Twosome Place, and Ediya. by price, menu items, atmosphere, and marketing.
  Concerning cost, Ediya cafe is has the lowest prices. In contrast, Starbucks and Twosome Place have more expensive coffee. Customers looking for lower prices visit Ediya. They also offer different menu items. Starbucks focuses on coffee. Customers can choose the type of coffee beans, the number of shots, and toppings such as whipped cream, so they can customize their coffee Further, Starbucks doesn’t just sell coffee but also tumblers and a lot of other merchandise. Customers at Twosome Place can choose the type of coffee beans and number of shots, too. but from a smaller selection. Twosome Place focuses on desert, so they have a lot of delicious cakes and cookies. In contrast, Ediya’s menu contains just coffee and juice. Instead of focusing on product variety, Ediya offers lower prices as it’s advantage over other coffee shop’s’ larger menus. To summarize, Ediya has the lowest prices, Starbucks focus
es on coffee, and Twosome Place focuses on desserts.
  Atmospheric offerings also differ. Starbucks’s interior is suitable for a single person studying or relaxing. Customers can also look outside, the large windows while drinking coffee and taking a break. Starbucks also has large tables, for people to sit together. The wooden furniture creates a sense of warmth and comfort. Peculiarly, Starbucks doesn’t have smoking rooms, which have been very common in Korea. This allows Starbucks to maintain customers’ focus on the aroma of their coffee. In contrast, Twosome’s Place’s interior is focusesd on small groups. It has more comfortable tables and chairs. designed in a more modern style. Similarly, Ediya has a modern interior design with simple tables and chairs. but smaller seating areas. This is possibly because their locations are usually near universities where they capture a larger volume of student customers who don’t have much money or time. While Starbucks has a wide range of atmospheric offerings, Twosome Place has a narrower range, and Ediya narrower still.
  Finally, customer service and marketing strategies vary among the chains. Each coffee shops has specific membership systems. Starbucks has a large variety of promotions and memberships. First, they have a Starbucks card, with a different design every season. People who want the different designs collect them as the new cards are offered Starbucks also has numerous promotions. For example, it has e-Frequency. If the customers buy 12 promotional beverages, the Starbucks gives them a tumbler. Further, if customers who join Starbucks’ membership program buy a cups of coffee, they get a star. After customers collect a certain number of stars, they receive a gift or discount. Twosome Place’s membership is integrated with CJ Food Corporation points. Twosome Place’s points can be combined with other CJ stores’ so customers can collect more points easily. Twosome Place also has a stamps card. If a customer collects 10 stamps, she gets a free cup of coffee. Ediya also has a stamps card. It’s similar to Twosome Place’s stamp card, but it can be used at different Ediya store locations. Each coffee chain has different ways of attracting and keeping customers.
  Starbucks, Twosome Place, and Ediya have different prices, menu items, styles, and promotions. There are a lot of other coffee shops with different elements, too. Customers choose coffee shops according to their preferences. regarding taste, price, and style. Coffee shops aren’t just for drinking coffee,  they are spaces to relax, and take a break and people choose coffee shops  that match their tastes and needs in these areas. You can go and choose a coffee shop, too!

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