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  I first heard about Gachon University when I asked one of my home university professors about studying in Korea. I had lived in Korea for two years while teaching English and knew that I wanted to come here again after graduation, so I was excited at the chance of coming back even sooner than I expected. I worked on the necessary forms and after completing the long process of paperwork and preparation, I was finally able to come back to Korea to see my friends.
  After staying with a friend for some time, he dropped me off in front of the dorm the weekend before classes started. I was nervous, of course, as I hadn’t lived in a dormitory in nearly seven years and it was a big change in lifestyle after getting used to living in a house. I signed in, received my room key, and went to my room to find my first pleasant surprise. When registering for the dorm, I had requested a single, but when I entered the room I unexpectedly found two desks, two beds, and two chairs. I’d been placed in a double. Strangely enough, it’s not the first time it has happened. I was fortunate enough to be placed with a great roommate and I’m enjoying my time here all the more because of it.
  My next lucky surprise was the friendship of my classmates in my software courses and in the Korean language program. At my home university, I treated my classes as if I were a robot. Go to class, do homework, take exams. I rarely spoke with my classmates, and I spoke only when working on mandatory group projects. My classes here are quite different. At first I was worried about being treated as an outsider, but now I feel a sense of camaraderie with my classmates, which always makes me feel at home. Now I look forward to going to my classes and seeing my friends every day.
  The classroom is not the only place I have experienced kindness. Like most everyone I’ve met in Korea, everyone at Gachon has been incredibly friendly and helpful and has made me feel at home. Thanks to friends, professors and staff, the stressful experiences of living in a foreign country have been turned into exciting ones. Of course, I’m looking forward to graduating and moving on to the next step in life, but I hope to come back to Gachon again after I’ve moved on to other things. I’ll always remember my time here fondly and will maintain the friendships I’ve formed since that first nervous, surprising day at the dorm.










Blaise Hofmann Dept. of Computer Engineering
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