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A Great Resting Place and The Information Collection Center, Electronic Information LibraryManifold Functions of Electronic Information Library
Park Yoon-Seh  |  angelmba@naver.com
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  Where do you study at school? In your major department office? In the study room? At a cafe? In the Central Library? It's often too far and cumbersome to go up to the Central Library, and there are barely seats left during the exam period. Other places are hard to concentrate on your studies because of the hectic atmosphere. Additionally studying in one place tends to reduce our ability to remember information. But at Gachon University, there is a library which is much easier to access than the Central Library. On top of that, there are lots of digital resources that can be read. The students, especially freshmen, don’t seem to know about the existence of this library and even if they know, they don't know what kind of functions it provides. So I'm going to introduce the Electronic Information Library.
  Where is the Electronic Information Library located? It is located right in front of the Vision Tower. The Electronic Information Library has two floors. The Digital Information room is on the first floor, and the Laptop room and general reading rooms are on the second floor. 
  What can we do in the Digital Information room? Just like the name suggests, a variety of digital information can be found and read in this place. The Multimedia Resources room keeps DVDs, Audio CDs, cassette tapes and video tapes and they can be used at all times. There are 12 seats (two seats per monitor) where you can watch DVDs/Blue-ray/VHS resources, and there are 16 seats where you can watch only DVD resources individually. You can watch movies with your mate or friend and make your friendship firm. At the multimedia edit seats, you can use software such as Photoshop and Premier, to edit multimedia. Next to it, there is an information search corner, where you can listen to lectures or search for information through the web. Also, there are seats where you can search the national assembly library resources. Not only this, you can find electronic newspapers and electronic magazines. From them you can see texts, photos and advertisements in their original sizes. Of course, there is also a convenient zoom in/out function. There are two group study rooms and each room has eight seats. On the second floor, there are reading seats and laptop seats which provide wireless wrens and power supplies. 
  To use this library, you need to arrange your seat by clicking the available seat and the time you want to use through scanning your school student ID on the KIOSK (an information machine that provides the information about the facility). You can also reserve seats through the Central Library application or Central Library website; <lib.gachon.ac.kr>. The group study room is only available by reserving through these procedures. You must write down your email address, contact information, the reason for your reservation, and the participants' names. 
  The available time for Electronic Information Library is from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. If you can't concentrate on your studies or if you have free time, try spending time here. By studying in the right environment, you can refresh your mood and concentrate well when studying. Also, there are resources which you can use for research. If you're tired, watching movies or resting on comfortable chairs will help you relax. I hope many Gachon University students can spend a convenient and relaxing time by using this useful library.

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