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Gachon Herand 32nd News Editor, Kim So-Hyun.

  In 2013, I entered Gachon University and took an interest in joining clubs, and happened to look at a poster about the Gachon Herald. After that, an acquaintance recommended that I join Gachon Herald. It felt like destiny, so I filled out an application form to Gachon Herald. Thereafter, I have worked as a cub reporter, reporter, and finally an executive editor. Looking back on my college life, I spent a lot of time at Gachon Herald, which means much more than spending four seasons for three years. I have had precious relationships with respectable seniors, reassuring friends, and juniors who believed and followed me. Because of these relationships I could experience many things that I might not have done in university. Moreover, I endeavored to improve myself and made progress through the role of being a leader. I believe firmly that three years at the Gachon Herald will never be a trifle to my future success and life. I was happy with Gachon Herald. I love Gachon Herald. Thank you very much.



Gachon Herald 32nd General Affairs, Baek Seong-Ha

  From the age of 20 to 22; from a freshman who was a babe to a junior who got used to college life; for three years, I gained a lot of experience as a reporter of Gachon Herald. I broke school news as a university reporter, and wrote articles concerning my favorite movies or books. Also, I interviewed a famous movie music director. Furthermore, I talked to valuable seniors who listened to my worries and advised me. I spent time with precious juniors going to LT and eating despite my insufficient ability as a manager of general affairs. Summer and winter LT, training camp with Gachon press, and visiting the house of our Gachon president. All of these remain as precious memories. I probably could have had a different college life with other students. Actually, I sometimes felt that I had too many tasks to do and I didn’t have any free time. However, I could learn so much, and I was able to develop myself. Maybe I will be carefree after retirement, but I might feel a sense of emptiness and loneliness. My seniors Choi Da-eun, Son Ji-hyun, Lim Sung-kyu, Kim Dan-bee, Kang Choll-min, Choi Hyun-jin, and my juniors Kim Na-young, Eom Jin-a, Lee Hyun-young, Jang Ji-young, Kim Ji-hong, Lee Ye-jin, Park Yoon-she. I’d like to thank all of you.

  My dear mates, Kim So-hyun was like a mom, Kim Yu-mi was like a baby! Even if we retire, we are not finished. You know what? Let’s go on a retirement trip. I love you. ^___^



Gachon Herald 32nd Education Director, Kim Yu-Mi

  On my 20th birthday, I had an interview with Gachon Herald. I vividly remember the thrill of that day. My acceptance at Gachon Herald was a priceless first gift for me because I decided, applied, and achieved that result without anybody’s help. At first, I had a lot of difficulty writing articles, and everything about an English newspaper was very stressful to me. However, after I won the battle with myself, I earned valuable jewels. Now, my precious mates, both seniors and juniors, are my family. We have built up special memories by doing interviews, watching plays, going to LTs, revising each other's articles and publishing our newspapers. The time I have busily spent for the past three years at Gachon Herald has occupied most of my university life. Occasionally I have hated the pressure, but I want to praise myself for having endured those hard times and express my gratitude to my English newspaper family for constantly encouraging me. Especially, I want to thank the juniors, even though I was not able enough to be an education director. I believe my mates understand how precious they are to me. Entering the Gachon Herald has been the most significant decision I have made during my university life. I still can’t believe I have to leave the Gachon Herald, but I believe our juniors will continue to carry out their jobs wonderfully. I’m so happy that I am was a reporter of Gachon Herald.


  Thanks for sharing everything all the time. My precious English Newpaper, Gachon Herald.

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