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China decides to abolish 1-child policy, allow 2 children
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  China's ruling Communist Party announced Thursday that it will abolish the country's decades-old one-child policy and allow all couples to have two children, removing remaining restrictions that limited many urban couples to only one, the official Xinhua News Agency said.
  Xinhua said on its microblog that the decision to allow all couples to have two children was ``to improve the balanced development of population'' and to deal with an aging population.
The decision 1)does away with an unpopular policy that was long considered one of the party's most 2) onerous 3) intrusions into family life.
  The decision was contained in a Communist Party communique that followed a meeting of the party's Central Committee on planning the country's economic and social development through 2020. In recent years, it has been unusual for such 4) plenary sessions to result in major decisions. They generally focus on economic topics and there was no indication that this one would 5) take action on the one-child policy.
  The country has been moving in recent years toward easing family planning restrictions that were introduced in 1979 as a temporary measure to 6) curb a 7)surging population and limit demands for water and other resources. After the policy was first 8)implemented, rural couples were soon allowed two children if their first-born was a girl.
  In November 2013, the party announced that it would allow couples to have two children if one of the parents is a single child, the first 9) substantial 10) easing of the policy in nearly three decades.
  The decision announced Thursday removes all remaining restrictions limiting couples to only one child.

1) Do away with: …를 그만두다 없애다 …를 죽이다 (= to get rid of something or to murder someone) ex1) A lot of the restrictions on imports have been done away with. ex2) Computerization has enabled us to do away with a lot of paperwork
2) Onerous: 아주 힘든 부담스러운 ex) Residents and business owners were frustrated by the onerous restrictions.
3) Intrusion: 개인사생활에 대한 침범 ex). So if there is another potential intrusion by cyber thieves, “How do we react more rapidly?”
4) A plenary sessions:본회의, 총회
5) To take action on something :: 안을 실행하다 ex) Do we still have time to take action on this proposal?
6) Curb:..를 억제 제한하다 = to restrain or hold back ex) He says going ahead with the pipeline would have harmed the United States' leadership on curbing global warming.
7) Surge: 급등, 급증하다 ex) it has invested in solar, wind and hydro power to clean up its smog-choked cities and curb surging demand for imported oil and gas.
8) Implement : 시행하다 ex) All countries must implement meaningful policies that will rush low-carbon technologies to market.
9) Substantial: 상당한 ex) This again would have a substantial economic impact.
10) Ease : 완화하다/덜어주다 Sometimes a mild painkiller is enough to ease the pain.

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