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  Hello everyone! My name is SUN SHUANGQI. I'm from CHINA. I'm 24 years old. My major is Tourist Management at Gachon University. I first came to South Korea in September 2013. When I first came to South Korea, I felt excited and worried because it's my first time studying abroad and it's also my first time leaving my home and my country. It's an unfamiliar environment for me. At that time, I was a freshman in South Korea. I studied Korean in the International Language Center at Gachon University.
  To be honest, when I started to live in South Korea, it was difficult. For example, when I first used Korean chopsticks, thety felt a little heavy so I couldn’t use them. I felt so bad. A friend of mine told me that Korean chopsticks are made from iron but Chinese chopsticks are made from wood. Also, my Korean level was not so good. In Korean, the most difficult part is pronunciation. There are lots of inflections in Korean. I know that it's not easy to learn a foreign language. As time went on, my Korean level started to improve because of the teachers in the Korean language center. When I was in the Korea language center, I had a perfect time with my teachers and classmates. I learned so much Korean culture and improved my Korean level. One of my best teachers named Mr. Lee. He is really a perfect teacher for teaching Korean. He is also a great friend. As we all know, drink culture is one of the important parts in South Korea culture. Not only did he teach me Korean, but also he told me lots about Korean culture. I am proud that I have a good teacher and friend. I'm also lucky to have met him.
  My major is tourism management and I like to travel. I have been to Pusan and Daegu. They are very beautiful cities. I think the sand, sun and fun make Haeundae beach one of the most popular spots for visitors at Pusan. I ate lots of delicious food in Jagalchi Market, and people were friendly. Daegu is famous for its culture. I think Daugu is a modern city and at the same time it's also a historical city. When I walked in the streets of Daegu, I saw lots of historic buildings.
  Now I’ve been about a year studying in South Korea. I know that I should go back to my country when I graduate. Recently China and South Korean relations have been improving. So I wish China and South Korea will have a better relationship in the future.

Sun Shunang-Qi Dept. Tourism Management


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