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Where should group meetings be held?Introducing Gachon's Study room and ways to use it.
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@daum.net
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  Where should group meetings take place? Many students choose to go to a café, but when you actually go to a café you feel like the coffee is too expensive or the café is too noisy and you can't concentrate with all the noise. So where is a good place to have group meetings? There are several study rooms located on the Gachon University campus but many Gachon students do not know about them. So let me introduce the location, features and how to make reservations for the study rooms.

  1. Global Zone & Electronic Information Library.
  Let’s explore the study rooms at the Global Zone & Electronic Information Library. First, study rooms at the Global Zone and Electronic Information Library are located on B1 and 1F. You are only allowed to use the Global Zone Study rooms for English-related purposes. Because of the blue atmosphere, you feel cool. It has four rooms - group study room A, B, C and D. Group study room A and B’s minimum personnel is five people (maximum of eight), C and D’s minimum personnel is 12 people (maximum of 18). It’s open from 9a.m. to 5p.m. and closed on weekends and holidays. The Electronic Information Library’s study rooms have group study rooms 1 and 2. Both 1 and 2’s minimum personnel is four people (maximum of eight). It’s open from 9a.m. to 9p.m., and closed on weekends and holidays. You can reserve rooms using the Gachon Univ Lib + mobile application, or on the central library home page. Here are the steps. ‘Central library>seat reservation>B1(Global Zone) or 1F(Electronic Information Library)>Group study room>desired date and time>purpose use and attendant list and student ID number>application’; then you will receive a text message. If you don't meet the minimum personnel, you cannot reserve the room.

  2. Central library: EUREKA
  There are six study rooms in the central library, with the following names: CAN, FOR, WHY, HOW, and BUT. You may feel like you're at a café when you study in EUREKA. The advantage of this study room is the comfortable wooden chairs. Also, the BUT room is the only study room that has a window. Let’s find out more about EUREKA.
  CAN is for 4~12 people, FOR is for 2~4, WHY, HOW, IF, and BUT are for 4~6. You can use the rooms up to three times (an hour per session) in a day. It’s open from 9a.m. to 9p.m. on weekdays, 9a.m. to 3p.m. on Saturdays, and on Sundays/holidays they are closed. You can reserve a spot by using the Gachon Univ Lib + mobile application or the central library home page. You can’t use speakers and you are not allowed to bring in any food.
  How to reserve your spot? Go to ‘Central library>EUREKA reservation>choose wanted study room, desired date and time>attendant a contact address, e-mail, using purpose, attendant list, a department and student ID number >application’. If you don’t check in within 20 minutes of your reserved time your reservation will be canceled.

  3. Teaching & Learning Development Center (Bio Nano college study room)
  Study rooms at the Teaching & Learning Development Center are located on the first floor, and include: <learning cell room 1, 2, 3>, <study consulting room> and <teaching learning development lounge>. It’s open from 9a.m. to 8p.m. You can reserve by logging onto the Gachon University home page. How to reserve your spot? Go to ‘Gachon Univ home page>Gachon people>cyber campus>the lower right corner> learning cell room reservation>wanted date>start time>using time, a contact address, using purpose (Seminar or Lecture) and attendant personnel>save’. Because the study rooms are connected, I recommend that you use it for debates or meetings.

   4. Vision Tower study room
  Study rooms in the Vision Tower are divided into: STUDY ROOM, VISION TOWER STUDY ROOM and G-ROOM. STUDY ROOM 1, 2 are located beside the career center. Occupancy is 8 people, and there are beam projectors and white boards. VISION TOWER B105 STUDY ROOM’s occupancy is 40, and they also have beam projectors and white boards. Because of the high occupancy allowed, they feel like a classroom. G-ROOM is located in Vision Tower 252 between the job-café. Occupancy is 12, and there is a white board. How to reserve your spot? Go to ‘Gachon Uni home page>career center home page>study room reservation>choose the wanted study room>apply>choose the date>choose the time>reservation’; 1-2 hours, and remember, it’s open from 9a.m. to 5p.m.

  If you have ever wondered where to go for your group project meetings, one of the study rooms offered at Gachon University is the perfect choice. Also, the reservation process is not difficult. In the future, don’t worry about where to study, and use the study rooms offered at the university!

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