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Heard a familiar song in the advertisement?Global star, holding an AD BGM, Maroon 5
Eom Jin-A  |  eom6268@nate.com
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Updated : 2016.03.29  15:15:23
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Pop rock band Maroon 5, a group of six artists, is not only famous in Korea but also famous all over the globe. Their new songs always reach the top of not billboard charts but also in Korea's representative music chart 'melon'. To add to their popularity, the lead vocalist Adam Levine took on the acting role of Dave in the summer 2014 movie 'Begin Again', making many ears and eyes joyful. Even people who are not aware of Maroon 5 or the title of their songs, will quickly recognize their sound and reacted like, 'Wow! Is this it?' when they listen to it.  Did you know that many of Maroon 5's songs, loved all over the world, are used for many ads in Korea? Let's find out what song is used for what ads, and what kind of episodes and meanings are involved in Maroon 5's songs that we used to listen to. 




  1. Sugar (The Shinhan card Code 9 advertisement)


This ad attracts people's minds with the term of 'love', a basic human attraction. And as there is an expiration date in love between couples, there also exists an expiration date in love between companies and customers. So they use this fact to frame their product, but they keep the message saying that their love is different from others. Saying that, the companies promise to fulfill things that they want when they actually love. Something like this is always staying beside the lover, making the lover laugh more, taking care of the lover, and retaining the lover's heart with a flutter. As they match with the 'love' people dream, Shinhan card Code 9 also sends the message that they also love you forever, like your lover. And the music that makes the message more reasonable is 'Sugar', the background music of the ad. As the fame of the song attracts many people's attention, they completed the ad by grafting videos, illustrations, and messages matched with the ad. If you take a closer look at it, you can see that it shows important keywords according to the song's rhythm. As its artistic value, the song sugar is very famous. This music video was directed by David Dobkin, who already knew the vocalist Adam Levine. David Dobkin is well known for his movie, 'Wedding Crashers'. So we can say that the music video is based on 'Wedding Crashers', shifting its story concept into reality. As you see in the video, you can see that it is not completely set up or programmed if you see the people's reactions in the video. A man looking like someone's father is quite surprised by the situation and his face turns serious, the surprised cook after seeing the Maroon 5 members, and shocked couples marrying that day after looking at Maroon 5's members.



  2. Sunday morning (Chevrolet Malibu advertisement)


This ad involves a story of driving along the coast in a Malibu after some hard work and taking rest. The scene is of driving, but then the Sunday morning music turns on. It matches well with the atmosphere and scene of the driver enjoying the drive. Sunday morning is loved for its citified melody, and the music video is filmed at 'Abbey Road Studio’, where 'The Beatles' recorded. But you need to focus on the beginning part of the video. Before it starts the song, 'This Love' comes out, and there are two intentions to it. First, there comes a scene of people naturally singing 'This Love' in a Japanese karaoke, Maroon 5 recall when they visited Japan, they saw this song in the play list of karaoke machines. That's why they featured 'This Love' in the first part of Sunday morning. Secondly, Maroon 5's song is good but when I hear it, sometimes I think of "How can he sing all these songs?" Especially, when it comes to 'This Love' you can easily notice that it is difficult for ordinary people to sing. So Sunday morning was born, which is easy for everyone to sing and listen to. In order to show this intention, they inserted the song 'This Love' in the first part of Sunday morning.




  3. Moves like Jagger (Galaxy Note 1 advertisement)


  A man looks at his cell phone while walking along, highlighting the benefits of the phone.  The ad ends with the beginning part of ‘Moves like Jagger’.  ‘Moves like Jagger’ is a song performed with Christina Aguilera, another well-known pop-diva. The song is famous since as one of the best sellers as a single list and about 15 million copies of this album have been sold. Especially, as you can see in the ad, this song is typified for its joyful whistling sound.  The funny thing is, the word Jagger means ‘Mick Jagger’, the sexy symbol of the rock band, 'The Rolling Stones'. If you adapt this to translate the title, it turns out to be "Move like Jagger"! You can't do it as the title. But, let's listen to the song recalling Mick Jagger.


   Maroon 5 has done nine concerts (five concerts in Korea) including, 'It Won't Be Soon Before Long' tour in 2008, 'Hands All Over' tour by Hundai Card in 2011, 'Overexposed' tour in 2012, 'Hundai Card Citybreak' in 2014, and 'Maroon 5 World' Tour in 2015. For the concerts in Korea, the train service was delayed. From an interview, they chose Korea as the best place to hold a concert and said, "We would be much happier if all fans were like Korean fans." Like the facts shown above, Maroon 5 has a strong relationship with Korea, which is why they are known as a "National band". Recently, two hours before their concert in Daegu, Korea, Maroon 5 disappointed many Korean fans by cancelling the concert, announcing it through SNS.  Although Maroon 5 refunded all the expenses, the despondency of Korean fans who had travelled for hours to see the band didn't vanish. From now on, despite this disappointing attitude and losing their title of "National band", I want to listen to their fine songs gain and again.

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