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A New Semester with ‘Charm’ student council!Who is ‘Charm’? Let’s find out about them.
Kim Ji-Hong  |  rla421@naver.com
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Updated : 2016.03.30  16:47:58
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  From November 24th to 26th of last year, Gachon University held an election for the student council of 2016. This election had one sole candidate, so there was no competition. Instead of a competition, there was a public hearing that explained the candidate’s pledge with agreement and disagreement counted by yeas and nays. As a result, from among 11,093 eligible electors, 6,326 people, or 57%, voted. The results came out to 77.7% voting in agreement with the ‘Charm’ student council. So, the ‘Charm’ council is our school’s new student government. Welcome to a new semester! ‘Charm’ will now represent all enrolled students and take charge of Gachon University. Let’s find out about their promises and visions.
  The 32nd Gachon University ‘Charm’ student council’s Yoo Seung Hoon (Business Administration 11) was elected as the student president, and Son Bae Sik (Global Economics 11) was elected as the student vice president. Their pledges were as follows: First, to found the “university cooperation compound” which is a reasonable consumption project run by participating student volunteers. Second, make a rooftop garden for students who suffer from the heaviness of being in their classrooms. This pledge is a special pledge of ‘Charm’ council. Third, develop applications for activating the community and making life at school more convenient and smarter. Fourth, increase the number of class credits allowed per semester and activate various mileage systems. They plan to increase the number of credits allowed from 18 to 19 so students can select more lectures, and through the mileage system more students can get scholarships. For example, the central library mileage system is one new mileage system. Fifth, upgrade learning conditions by improving WIFI connectivity, libraries, and classroom ventilation systems. 
  Lastly, let’s find out about their vision. We can find hints from the name ‘Charm’. ‘Charm’ means ‘no lying, full participation, and being charming’. In addition, Yoo Seung Hoon, the student president, said in an interview, “We will communicate with all students.” Charm emphasized the importance of communication. They also created a “pinwheel discussion” representing the school discussion program.
  After the cold winter, we finally met a new semester. “Charm” will make an effort to help the freshmen of 2016, enrolled students, exchange students, and foreign students. The student council has a big responsibility and we expect their true leadership. Also, we wish students to actively participate in school activities. If you have any recommendations or wishes for our school, you can contact “Charm” through their facebook page (Gachon whole council). There is a saying, “Leadership ends when no one speaks directly to the leader”. For a better school life, every student should make an effort and love their school with ‘Charm’ council.

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