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Your ten minutes, how are you all doing?The time given at the crossroads of dreams and reality, 10 minutes
Lee Hyun-Young  |  rjfbch@naver.com
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owadays, there is a phrase that is a major issue for rookies who are preparing for employment. It is the 'Hierarchical theory of the spoon'; the spoon being the gold spoon or the silver spoon. The gold spoon refers to children of wealthy families, and silver spoon refers to children of underprivileged families. Recently, there was a woman who was caught in a gold spoon controversy. She is the daughter of actor Cho Jae-hyun and Cho Hye-jeong. She was recently embroiled in more controversy by being chosen to act the main role in the drama Imagination Cats. She has appeared in TV dramas as an extra but she has never been chosen as the major actor. Furthermore, she made her name stand out by appearing on the entertainment show, Please Take Care of My Father. Therefore, she could not avoid the controversy that was directed at her daughter’s father’s reflected glory and a firestorm of criticism that was directed at her. However, some people who are criticizing her justify their indolence and immaturity on the pretense of her gold spoon. They are self-comforting to conceal their uncertain career by saying, “Gold spoon and us have different starting points." Thus, there is a movie I’d recommend to rookies who worry about dreams and reality. It is called, 10 minutes, which is considered as the best of the work-life movies. Actually, it depicts the life of jobseekers and interns so realistically that it is often called the theatrical cut of the drama Misaeng. If you are complaining about your spoon-level today, let's expect your 10 minutes through 10 minutes.
  Ho-chan is just a normal young man who thinks that dreams are important, but so is reality. He is an aspiring producer and works as an intern at the public corporation related to broadcasting content. He frequently works overtime, does odd jobs and goes hiking on weekends as well as dreaming of being a full-time employee. In recognition of his hard work, he keeps his intern-life smooth. Meanwhile, he gets a recommendation to work as a full-time employee from the director and other co-workers. His father is not able to go to work because of his poor health, his mother is the breadwinner in the family, and his brother who is a junior in high school is preparing for employment because of the academy debt. In such situations, he gives up his dream of becoming a producer and cannot predict the future, and chooses the life of the steady full-time employee. Overwhelmed by the mighty wall of harsh reality, he has to come to grips with reality. With the interview day just around the corner, he is happy with the thought of getting a full-time job. However, he was not hired after the interview. A woman who is an old acquaintance of the head of the Content Center takes the position. Colleagues who recommended the full-time employee positions turn their backs and take care of the new employees. He realizes that there is a mighty wall between interns and full-time employees, and finally he gives up everything. He berates himself for not being born with a gold spoon. But full-time employee positions do open up after discovery of corruption by the head of the Content Center, and the director offers him this position again. Eventually, Ho-chan begins to have conflicts again and the film closes with 10 minutes to worry about reality and dreams.

  The film is composed of a simple and clear story with a short running time of 93 minutes. This film causes a lot of laughter in the audience and it makes my blood run cold through distinct tension. I think that while it is too difficult to see the true reality, we can immediately relate to the empathy and charm of this film.
  “I hate the word soil spoon. I received a good soil spoon from my parents. I received good soil in which to grow up healthy and put roots down deep.” This word is posted on the Bamboo Forests in Korea University, it impressed many people for a while. That’s right. We received a soil that could grow a plump fruit tree. We must make sure whatever career we have, we must stand up for ourselves regardless of the given environment. I hope for the best for all living in this new, chaotic environment!

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