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Shilla Stay Jeju offers free stay for guests with cancelled flights
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Updated : 2016.04.05  17:38:34
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  A business hotel Shilla Stay Jeju (photo) announced on Friday that it would 1) offer one-night free stay to its 2) guests who get caught by flight cancellations 3) regardless of their nationality and airline companies. This is the first service of its kind that any hotels in Jeju Islands have provided and the service is 4) effective by the end of the year.
  When flights of its guests are cancelled due to 5) unfavorable weather conditions, any affected guests are provided with a free stay for a night and free breakfast for two people at its buffet restaurant. Those guests whose stay at previous night was free of charge or who made a group reservation through travel agencies are 6) not entitled to the service. The hotel also added that the service is not effective when the cancellation of the flight is caused by 7) plane’s mechanical problems as, in such cases, the 8) responsibilities lie in airliners.
  Just a 15-minute drive from Jeju International Airport and 9) reasonable price range of some 100,000 -150,000 Korean won ( 10) approx. 83-125 U.S. dollars), Shilla Stay Jeju in central Jeju has 11) gained much popularity from tourists home and abroad.

Published : 2016-01-11 07:39
Source : English Donga

<Words & Expressions>

1) offer one-night free stay 하룻밤 무료 숙박을 제공하다
2) guests who get caught by flight cancellations –비행취소로 인해 묶여있는 투숙객들
3) regardless of (their nationality and airline companies) – (국적과 항공사)에 상관없이
4) effective by the end of the year – 올 연말까지 유효한
5) unfavorable weather conditions – 악천후
6) not entitled to the service – (무료숙박)서비스를 받을 자격이 주어지지 않는다
7) plane’s mechanical problems – 비행기의 기계적 결함
8) responsibilities lie (in airliners) - (항공사들)에게 책임이 있다
9) reasonable price range – 적당한 가격대
10) approx. – approximately – 대략
11) gain popularity – 인기를 얻다

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