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The attractions of Gachon University! How much do you know about them?Introducing hidden attractions and sights at Gachon University
Park Yoon-Seh  |  angelmba@gmail.com
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  Fellow Gachon University students, how much do you know about the hidden attractions or sight-spots at Gachon University? Do you know what the name of the man shaped sculpture floating above Freedom Plaza is? Or the origin of the name, ‘Gasping Hill?’ Maybe lots of students don’t know about them. Let’s dig into the attractions that we just casually pass by and see the meanings inside them. 

  First of all, we need to mention the underground pass, the connection between Gachon subway station and Freedom Plaza. This was the first-ever underground passage-way in South Korea that connected a station and a university campus. The underground pass is designed like a spectacular Greek palace and has benches around the big fountain in the middle of it. Not only this, we can see a sky on the ceiling through ‘Sky Ceiling’, which is one of the methods of construction applied here. Freedom Plaza is located in the biggest university underground campus (44,186m²). The culture belt located in this plaza was directed and installed by the world-renowned French director, Alain Guilhot. There are three of Guilhot’s light-work sceneries; a light emitting diode (LED) that shows the design and beauty of a sculpture, such as the buildings’ lines and garden shrubs; a neon light which makes people feel like they are watching a video on the surface of the wall; and a sky object man-form light that gives us feeling of mystery. These lights light up when it gets dark. So at night, you can enjoy the beautiful views while going home after a long day.

  Behind the college of arts, there are other attractions. A gorilla made of rubber tires, a thinking-man statue, and a ball made of wire made by Art College students – all these can be seen in the garden. Also, you can see interesting frescos; a combination of Ancient Egypt art forms and tracing of modern people, or stairs that contain gorgeous dancing-people-shaped drawings.
  The symbol of Gachon University on Gachonkwan, a fluorescent light shaped pinwheel form lights up at night and creates a magnificent sight. In front of Gachonkwan, there is a statue of Lee Gil Yeo, which was donated by one professor in May 2015. Also, there is a hill named ‘Gasping Hill’ going up from Gachonkwan to Areumkwan. The high slope made students pant, thus it was called ‘Gasping hill’. At the front of Areumkwan, there is a small grass field stabbed with lots of pinwheels, which is called ‘Azalea Dongsan’. This Dongsan was made with a donation from an electronic engineering professor named Shin Yeong Hwa’s, in 2000. In the center of it, there is a ‘G’ shaped object that symbolizes Gachon University. Azalea Dongsan is favorably used as a place where events and occasions are held or as a resting place for students. 

  As you can see, we now know a lot of the names, meanings, and origins of Gachon University’s attractions. If you have visited one of the attractions of Gachon University, why don’t you try to examine and appreciate it instead of just passing by. Don't only look at its front but pay attention to the splendor behind it. You will find a different side of the university you attend.

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