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The man who dominates time
Lee Hyun-Young  |  rjfbch@naver.com
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Updated : 2016.07.04  22:27:59
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  The Gachon Herald’s 129th issue was published today, at the same time, my term as the Gachon Herald’s editor has passed its half way mark and a half year has passed since I was a junior. I always feel that time glides on every publication. And I used to look back at the last three months but for the last three months, I have been very busy with my life. Studying for three months for midterm exams, working on endless tasks, administering the Gachon Herald and meeting many supporters and volunteers through extra activities, … I think that there aren't enough hours in a day. I did not use my time effectively despite my stacked to-do list. I did what I was supposed to do when it was drawing near rather than preparing it beforehand. I wasted my flying hours like water. Not only me, but many busy university students are worrying about this problem. Therefore, in this issue, I want to talk about how to become a person who controls time by using our own time effectively. I admit that it’s from a lecture about time management at the youth leadership center.
  First, check your schedule. Second, measure available time. That includes all spare time, such as the time in-between classes and commuting time. Third, make your to-do list within the range of 50-60% of the available time. Using all the available time is realistically impossible and it eliminates your motivation. Fourth, prioritize what to do. Set steps A, B and C; A is vital work, B is important work and C is optional work. Fifth, finish work by focusing on one at a time.
  Actually, I have directly managed every hour and spent my time better through this method. Dear fellow students who are too busy to prepare for tests, assignments, extra activities and TOEIC exams; what about you? Dominate time, or dominated by time? I hope you will experience the thrilling experience of dominating time.

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