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Let's enjoy jam on our hip-hop bread with ‘C Jamm’Rapper, C Jamm (Ryu Sungmin) of Social Physical Education, ‘12 alumnusRapper, C Jamm (Ryu Sungmin) of Social Physical Education, ‘12 alumnus
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or some time now, hip-hop has been gaining a lot
of popularity. The survival hip-hop audition TV program, Show me the money led this trend. And in the center of that fad is our alumnus C Jamm, who attends Gachon University in the Social Physical Education department. C Jamm has been raising the degree of recognition recently with Show me the money season 5. Evenl now we can still enjoy the interview of an alumnus of dignity. In this 131st interview, we interviewed young alumnus C Jamm. Through this interview we can felt the frank charm of human Ryu Sungmin.

  1. Now a days, you receive attention from viewers of Show me the money, season 5. Throughout the cyber mission and interview, you look very confident. Please tell us the details of your appearance. 
  Being confident is 100% my character. The reason why I said the purpose of my TV appearance was money was because I simply wanted money. But I want something more than money. Even though I got first prize, I can’t level up! I participated in this season because I enjoy hip-hop and I wanted people to recognize me. I want to become a star.

  2. I am curious about your university life. Did you enjoy your life at Gachon University? Also, while attending the university, did you have any friends who were also interested in hop-hop?
  I enjoy meeting new people and like most students, we drank and had fun. But it was not always fun. I only attended one semester because I enjoyed outside activities. My university life was half fun and half difficult. I had to train every day in my department of Social Physical Education. Also, there were many regulations and strict alumni. Friends around me didn't really like hip-hop.

  3. How did you start to rap? Could you also explain about your company?
  In fact, I wanted to do band music. When I was sixteen, I faced a voice change, my voice started to break. So I got rid of the music dream. One day, by chance I heard a hip-hop album. Then I fell in love. (Which album did you hear?) First, I heard Drunken Tiger’s 7th album and Dynamic Duo’s 2nd album. So I stared hip-hop. I made mix tapes. One day, Brother SWINGS contacted me. Also, my friend Brother really recommend me to SWINGS. I met SWINGS and the day after we met he suggested that I contact him later. After a month I contacted him just with music.

  4. Hip-hop is a genre that considers lyrics as most important. Which things inspired you?
  Everything inspires me. Thinking, talking, reading books, watching movies, etc. It could be anything. (Then which movie and book is your best one?) Swiping artist. I really recommend this book. It’s easy to read because it's short, but it contains a lot of lessons. For movies, I recommend Traning Day. I also like the director Christopher Nolan, so I like the movies Interstellar and the Dark Knight series.

  5. As I am interviewing you, I think you are a self-regarded person. I wonder if can say three key words to describe you.
  First of all, I address two sides of the answer; the present C JAMM and the future C JAMM. First, the present C JAMM is impulsive, kind, and crazy. In one words, kind of impulsive - yahoo! I tell the episode with impulse. When I was a middle school student, I wanted to look like a bad boy. One day I saw a medicine called ‘C JAMM’. I thought its name was bad looking, so that's how I got my name, C JAMM (lol). Another episode. When I see a beautiful woman, I follow her. I don’t care about the following refusal. I play well, so I’m yahoo!; but I have a kind inner side, too. Next, the future C JAMM is romantic, careful, and positive. I want to be the main character of my life. I have horror in my life like a telephone pole. So I will enjoy my romantic life. I think challenges are important. I emphasize the importance of choice.

  6. I wonder about your preparation before a performance like Show me the money, just music. Do you have any jinx?
  There is no advance preparation. My only preparation for a performance is positive body language. People have a conscious side and an unconscious side. My unconscious side is larger than my conscious side. So my unconscious side exerts on my conscious side. We can change our mind. Our mind turns our body into an actor. I control my mind positively and I perform with positive bad language.

  7. What was the most thrilling time after you started hip-hop music?
  The moment people start to follow my music while I’m performing is the most thrilling time. Following my lyrics or body acting. At that moment I think my positive body language is affecting them. Also, when I hear that a woman celebrity is my fan. (lol)

  8. This is the official question. Hip-hop to C JAMM? And what is your final goal?
  Hip-hop is my hobby. I enjoy hip-hop as a hobby. As I said, I wanted to do band music before starting hip-hop. My final goal is to become a rock star. (I think you are greedy person - in a good way.) Yeah, I’m greedy. I want lots of things. How can I grow? Sometimes I want to make serious music through my music, but I don’t like serious music right now. In the future, I want to deal with serious music.

  At the end of the interview, C JAMM alumnus recommended some foreign hip-hop artists. DRAKE, KANYE, and SKPERTA. It is good for students who are interested in hip-hop. As a person who likes hip-hop before it became a fad, this interview was impressive. Hip-hop music is charming. Because hip-hop contains a lot of things with just a beat and lyrics. Sometimes it is simply entertainment, and sometimes it can give philosophical lessons. I think C JAMM’s charm is the same. He enjoys his life. When he's playing, he plays like mad. When he's making music, he concentrates on the music. So I really recommend C jam for you hip-hop bread.

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