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The truth of life that we can realize from a special manThe movie, The curious case of Benjamin Button (2008) makes a good impression and contains a message of life
Kim Ji-Hong  |  z-_-v_-18@nate.com
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  It is known that "Old people who have Alzheimer’s disease mentally become a child again”. They have the appearance of an adult but their spirit is like a child. They act on instinct; they lose their temper and their bodies become groggy. Even without Alzheimer’s, the human body and mind lose their ability as we age. This is the truth that applies to all generations. Here is one special man named Benjamin, the main character of The curious case of Benjamin Button (2008) who has a rare disease. Benjamin is born with the appearance of an eighty-year-old and becomes younger as he becomes older. Benjamin's father abandons Benjamin to the Nolan nursing home because his beloved wife dies while bearing Benjamin. So Benjamin grows and spends his life with old people. Then what is the lesson we can get from Benjamin’s curious life? Let’s talk more about The curious case of Benjamin Button (2008) and see what messages of life it contains.


  Episode #1) For what it’s worth, it’s never too late – The only thing that we need is challenge.

  Most people live their life “moderately” in any framework. Born as a baby who can do nothing, through childhood, go to school and mature. Learning about society in our twenties, making a home and a family in our thirties, and nurturing children in our forties and fifties. For the first time in anyone's life, people have the time to spare to look back onto their lives after their sixties. But in Benjamin’s case, it is the exact opposite. Then what’s the meaning of the word “moderately” to Benjamin? Looking back on his life with a sixty-year-old’s appearance? Or going to school with a teenager’s appearance? From this curious thought, we can learn a lesson. For what it's worth, there is no right time. There are teenagers who quit school to achieve another dream, and there are adults who enter school to fulfill an unfulfilled dream. Don’t you think it is a waste of your time to do meaningless things? Then hurry and act upon your real dream. The only thing that we need is challenge.

  Episode #2) The roads we walk may be different, but in the end, our destination's the same – the truth of life.

  Korean people love to interfere and be nosey. They also like to appraise other people’s behavior. We are warmhearted people. But excessive praise can be even worse and can hurt other people easily. Appraisal can be completely different from a personal view. For example, there is a difference between self-love and self-centered. Taking a larger perspective, we all have the same end; death. It is the same with Benjamin. Though Benjamin was born with an older appearance, time passes, and eventually he dies with a baby’s appearance. So we should never judge another person too quickly because he may be different to us. We are all the same; human.

  Episode #3) The sadness of becoming young is looking over a lover’s death – importance of daily life.

  When Benjamin was twelve-years-old and had the appearance of a sixty-year-old man, he met Daisy who had invited her grandmother to the nursing home. She was six-years-old. He quickly fell in love with her pure blue eyes. As time went by, they faced the ‘sweet spot’. The ‘sweet spot’ was the time where they were a similar age. They did not want to lose their precious moment to keep their love sweet. But as time went by, Benjamin became younger while Daisy became older. Then Benjamin said, “The sadness of becoming young is seeing a lover’s death”. Aging is a common thing, except for Benjamin. So in this part, we can consider the importance of our daily life. In some ways, we should thank our family, friends and lovers, and even the air, sky, and sunlight. If we become thankful for everything, we can enjoy and have a better life.

  Maybe we can enjoy “the generation of 100”, even more now. Scientific knowledge of humanity is growing and improving everyday. In that sense, our twenties are such a young age. We have only lived one-fifth of our life. We don’t need to be sad for every little thing. We don’t have any rare disease like Benjamin. The thoughts and consideration of life bring lessons. Critic Jiwoong-Huh's review after watching The curious case of Benjamin Button (2008) said, “The movie contains so many things about life that make people pessimistic. On the other hand, really good movies make people fill with an ease. This movie is such a case.” I recommend The curious case of Benjamin Button (2008) to those who want to look back and start again with a fresh mind. Life is like a marathon. Through this movie, let's look back on our life and learn a good lesson.

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