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Academic Departments in 2012New department and organization modifications of some departments
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  In 2012, the integration of universities was accomplished with a strong aspiration to raise global talent. Strategies of university development are to increase the possibilities of Gachon University becoming one of the top 10 universities by 2020. Details are as follows:

Vision: Educating virtuous global citizens
Development Objective: Becoming one of the top 10 universities
Development Strategy:
• Establishing practical strategies to soar into the top 10
• Promoting the G2+N3 specialization strategies and strengthening core research capabilities
• Constructing a student-oriented administration system
• Improving international competitiveness
• Encouraging the dynamics for the new developments

  There are many changes with the university development plans. One of them is the newly established department: Department of Acting Art.

  The Department of Acting Art belongs to the College of Human Ecology on the Global Campus. The department was founded in 2012, allowing 40 students to be registered. 30 students were admitted this year and the competition for entrance was fierce even though it was a newly introduced major. A total of 877 students applied for the field of acting-major and only 20 were selected. That is a ratio of 44:1. The remaining 10 students were chosen out of 119 students, which was a 12:1 ratio. Gachon University also invited the senior actor Lee SunJae to be the chair professor of the department. The department of Acting Art looks very promising and is already garnering a lot of attention.

  There are changes not only in modifications to some departments but also in the names and organizations of other departments. On the Global campus, the department of Commerce and Trade has been changed to the department of International Trade and Commerce, and the department of Industrial Information System Engineering is now called the department of Industrial Engineering. Some majors have been placed into different colleges. With the College of Social Science gone, the department of Public Administration was relocated to the College of Law; the department of Mass Communication was transferred to the College of Business and Economics; the department of Life Sciences also now belongs to the College of Bio-Nano Technology. On the other hand, the department of Fiber Arts has integrated into the department of Visual Design, and there will be no admissions for that major from now on.

  On the Medical Campus, the College of Nursing is also called the division of Nursing; the College of Pharmacy consists of the department of Pharmacy. The College of Medical Science includes the departments of Medical Engineering, Physical Therapy, Radiology, Health Administration, Dental Hygiene, and Emergency Medical Technology. These are the results of organization modification after integration with the Global Campus.


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