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National Scholarship Significantly ExpandedUnderstand the Changed National Scholarship and Get Benefits
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   The National Scholarship has changed significantly in 2012, as government and universities have invested over 150,000,000 won in the National Scholarship program. The interest of students has increased since scholarship programs have expanded. Let’s learn about the changes with the National Scholarship.

  There are two supporting groups in the National Scholarship. They are divided into type (1) and type (2). Type (1) is for the group that consists of Korean nationals attending Korean universities and a good academic grade is required. The family income must fall under decile three. Type (2) is also for Korean nationals attending Korean university but family income must fall under decile seven. When you apply for the National Scholarship on the internet, it’s marked on only type (1), but you are actually applying for both type (1) and (2). Those who do not satisfy the quintile requirement of type (1) can only get the benefit of type (2), but those who do satisfy the quintile requirement of type (1) can get the benefit of both type (1) and (2). 

  Let’s take a brief look at the qualification requirements for the application. Simply put, if you received 80 out of 100 points with over 12 credits in the previous semester and your family income falls under decile seven, you can apply for the National Scholarship. Anyone who has a grade point average of a 3.0 or higher can apply for the Scholarship and can check for the results.

  The National Scholarship is not only for the Basic Livelihood Securities. When you apply for the scholarship, a computer automatically calculates your quintile of income and shows you the benefits of exemption too. Now that we have learned about the scholarship program, why don’t we apply for the National Scholarship ourselves?

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