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Experience as a foreign student at Gachon University.
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  Hello, my name is Indira Isabel Large Acosta, and I’m from Colombia. I’m 21 years old. I’m Christian and I major in Vocal Music. I have been living in Korea for around a year, and I have had the opportunity to experience many things in Korea and at Gachon University.
  The first reason why I came to Korea is to study Music; however, before studying Music, I had to learn the Korean language to be able to take classes in Korean. At first, it was very exciting because I lovedthe Korean language. I found it interesting and fascinating, and I also love to learn new languages. But to be honest, there was a time when I started to feel sick of it since I took the same class every day for one year. However, in order to do well in my major classes after entering university, I needed to study hard until the end of the course.
  It has been very fun to live in Korea so far. I have gotten to know many beautiful places. I have tried very delicious food and also had the opportunity to meet very amazing people. However, I had difficult times as well.There were times when I really wanted to go back home and leave everything here because it’s quite hard to live without my family and without “my people”. But that’s what living abroad means, having good and bad times, and especially not to let hardships put you down but just keep going forward until you get what you came for.
  Finally, I entered Gachon university this semester and I’m taking my major classes in Korean. It’s harder than I expected but it’s also super exciting to be studying what I want.
  Gachon University has helped me a lot to fulfill one of my goals, and also to have a good life in Korea with all the facilities it has offered me. I will always be thankful to Gachon University. I also hope that many other foreign students have a great opportunity coming to Gachon University and have a good experience.



Large Acosta Indira Isabel

Dept. of Vocal Music




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