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Spread your Dream through the Gachon Hawaii Program!
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  During the summer vacation, I went to Hawaii through the Training Program arranged by Gachon University. I had been especially looking forward to the Gachon Hawaii Program since my admission into our school. It was a particularly great experience because my dream came true. Actually, I had been aware of the reality it was not as romantic. I had the feeling that I missed it because it had been such a long time since the last time. One of the opportunities was due to my class’s teacher at IMPAC(International Mid Pac College) before the experience in UH(University of Hawaii). The teacher gave us more opportunities to improve our English skills by using two-way communication which is different from the one-way communication method used in Korea. Actually, many students could satisfy themselves and improve their English abilities. Also, I gained much more knowledge about Hawaii’s history. I got to know what the State Fish in Hawaii is - (It’s called Hmuhumunukunukuapua’a), and received a high level of knowledge and experience through surveying some ruins. I got praised by our professors in UH based on my new knowledge. The most memorable thing in UH was Free Talking in the form of an interview with local students(in pairs). I was able to meet two local students in UH. The first student that I met took me and my partner to a place where I could eat Hawaii’s Local Food, like Poke, near the university. They also asked me things concerning what they knew about Korea, and then they told me what they thought about Korea. In the case of the second student, we had a great time sharing our interests. Also, I got a chance to talk to friendly people in English by asking them about Hawaii’s Local Foods. The most unforgettable thing in UH was the chance to learn ‘Hula’. I learned how to do the ‘Hula’ with my classmates.
  The people that I met in Hawaii welcomed us all, no matter where we were from, and they all had manners. I missed them so much when I came back to Korea. Also, I enjoyed life in Hawaii because of all the students and teaching staff’s kindness and generosity. From my perspective, the Hawaii Program is more outstanding than any other program arranged at Gachon University and you must go to Hawaii if you have the chance. When looking at Hawaii’s sky, you are able to feel its beauty. Don’t hesitate to go there!



Lee Dong Gun

Dept. of Global Business Administration

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