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People who are always on my sideA story about family love; Parenthood
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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Updated : 2016.12.27  15:59:37
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  Recently, I read in the news about a son who killed his father. I thought I would feel such news was ridiculous, but I did not. This is because there are thousands of stories about parents who are forsaken by their children, or people who do not take care of their parents or families. From the time we are born, we are raised with unconditional love from our parents. The very first society we experience after being born is ‘family’. After becoming adults, we see that people in society only think about themselves and only seek their own benefits. However, our family members and our parents are always on our side. Family is the society where we can relax a bit, away from our work places or campus lives. Parenthood is a drama that shows calm episodes of a family. It must be a very famous drama because it has already reached its sixth season. Let’s have a look at this drama.

  Our fathers
  The traditional role of a father as the head of a household is carried by the first son Adam, in this drama. In Season 01, Episode 01, Adam is seen jogging. He is a bit tired so he stops to catch his breath, but suddenly his phone rings and he answers. It is his sister Sarah. Sarah is preparing to move with her troublesome son and her daughter who is crazy about men. However, Sarah’s daughter refuses to move to another town so Sarah calls her brother to ask if he thinks she has made the right decision to move. Adam tells Sarah to calm down and tells her to prepare well. After that, his phone rings again but this time it is his father. Even though Adam is exercising, Adam’s father calls Adam to his house because there is a problem with the plumbing. Adam fixes the pipe, but then his wife calls him. His wife tells Adam that his son does not want to go to a baseball tournament, so she wants Adam to persuade their son to go. Adam rushes home after fixing the pipe at his father’s house and persuades his son to go to the tournament. Adam’s life looks like he needs more than 10 bodies to handle the many problems of his family members. I guess Adams philosophy as a father, is to always work hard for your family.

  We can get over any hard times if we are with our family
  Life is not always good. It goes the same for families in Parenthood. Adam notices that his son Max has the developmental disability called Asperger’s syndrome. Next, Adam’s sister Sarah has gotten divorced and now she is finding it difficult to raise her children on her own. Moreover, her daughter always annoys her and fights against her. And her son tends to ignore her or avoids answering her. Adam’s brother, Crosby’s hidden son suddenly appear, so Crosby has a hard time choosing between his free life or his son. Everyone has his or her own problem and lives with it. However, Adam naturally accepts Max’s disease and he finds happiness while playing games with Max. Sarah tries hard to raise her children in good ways and indeed starts to look for a job. Lastly, Crosby delays a spa date with his girlfriend to have a happy weekend with his hidden son. Like this, everyone reduces their problems, and worries less and less when they are in the society of their family.

  While watching Parenthood, I often thought 'family is the best’ even though I often think they are often mean to me. Yes. That is right. The existence of family is important to me because family gives us the greatest power and confidence in the world. However, like the children in Parenthood, we sometimes forget that family is valuable, and we often say bad words or sharp remarks to them. Taking this opportunity, I hope you realize the value of family by watching this touching family drama. I hope you are thankful for having a family and have great and meaningful days with your family today.

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