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What’s more important; human life or life ethics?My Sister’s Keeper centers on the conflict between human life and the life ethics issue
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@daum.net
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Updated : 2016.12.27  16:22:12
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  We receive help from technological advances, but it also creates many ethical problems. What’s more important? Human life or life ethics? Suppose your friends or family catches a fatal disease. Some people say that the only effective therapy method is gene manipulation. What would you do? My sister’s keeper centers on conflicts between human life and life ethics. Let me introduce My sister’s keeper, which is about this conflicting issue. It's not a simple issue of what is more important. Now, let’s enter the story of My sister’s keeper.

“I’m a designed artificial baby.”

  Kate has been suffering from leukemia since she was a baby. The only way to treat this is to make an artificial baby. Her parents know this behavior is not ethical, but they make an artificial baby, ‘Anna’, to ensure Kate’s survival. Anna gives Kate different her body parts like veins, white cells, stem cells and bone marrow. Then at the age of 12, Anna goes to court against her parents to restore her right of physicality. Perhaps Kate would have died without Anna, but Anna suffers throughout her whole life because of Kate. Advances in science and technology have brought us many benefits. However, should we be allowed to make artificial humans?

  “I’m sorry, Jesse. I’m sorry I took all the attention for myself when you were the one who needed it the most. Dad, I know I took your first love from you. … Mom, you gave up everything for me. Your work, your marriage, your entire life… and to my baby sis, who was always so very little…I’m sorry l let them hurt you. I’m sorry l didn’t take care of you.”

  The early portion of the film looks like Anna is filing a complaint to her parents. The turnover of this movie is that it is actually Kate who files the complaint. Kate decides to end her life because she doesn't want her family to suffer anymore. Kate passes away in the end. In spite of fear, she chooses death for her family. In this scene, you can feel a lot of family attachments. We love our families very much, but do you usually express your feelings? I’m not telling you to ‘give up your life’, just express your love carefully concerning your family.

  The lesson of My sister’s keeper is on life ethics and family attachments. Life ethics and a loved ones’ pain are conflicts of interest. This problem is no more a fiction. Advancements in science and technology not only have brought us many benefits but also become a thorn.

  Through this movie, we can think about life ethics and family attachments.

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