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Love every moment like the first time.A guide to happy love; Things to know things when you are in love.
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@daum.net
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  What do you want to do when you become a university student? Many students say they want to be a ‘campus couple’. Love does not mean just a relationship with the opposite sex. Love can be part of the process of becoming an adult in your young days. But loving someone is never easy. We undergo a process, called 'some' and then progress to a more serious relationship. In the relationship, we have quarrels and problems. Sometimes you hope there is an explanation about love like a math formula, but love is an abstract feeling. So it can’t be verbalized as a math formula. Here is a book to help people who find love a difficult thing; Things you need to know when you are in love.

  Part.1 Throbbing
  Throbbing starts when he or she remembers and calls your name.
  Your heart could be moved by another person’s word or behavior, if you are in love with that person. Your brain only thinks about him or her. Imagine sharing experiences with them; you will try whatever it takes to win their heart. After all your efforts, you and the person you love may become a couple. Ten hours with your lover feels like ten minutes. Every moment is precious and each behavior is throbbing. Like this, throbbing starts in your heart.

  Part. 2 Let’s not miss our present moment.
  If it rains, I want to be your umbrella. At night, I want to be your lamp. And if you die, I want to be your heaven.
  This book says that you should pluck up courage to love. To express your love, you are not to hide your feelings to save your pride, but you are to behave and express them. If you plucked up your courage when you fell in love, your lover would also take up courage. So the love will grow more than before. In that way, you and your lover become indispensable to each other. This moment of falling in love is the most precious moment.

  Part. 3 To another choice, the moment of decision.
  Even though you are two people together, you may feel cold and lonely. You may even feel that you’d rather be alone.
  People get used to each other after dating for a long time. Some foolish people forget the preciousness of love because it is familiar, and they think ‘it will be all right’ or ‘my lover will let it go’. But your lover is concerned about the relationship with you.

  Part. 4 Yet, unfinished story.
  The thing you need to forget is not your lover, but the heart that you loved at that time.
Nothing is harder than saying goodbye to your lover. Your lingering affection will depend on how much you have tried to love your lover during the relationship. If you have a lingering affection and leftovers, your love was wrong. Do your best for your lover so that you will not have any leftovers toward them. 

  Fall in love! The best moment for love is right now.

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