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Keeping the security of Hawaii; Hawaii Five-OMembers who have various stories and love for each other.
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  What would happen to the fantasy Hawaii Island if there were many crimes occurring? The drama covers a special police force called; Hawaii Five-O. They are a small team, but they are smarter than regular police. What does the title, Hawaii Five-O mean? Hawaii is the 50th state in the USA. ‘Five-O’ means 50th. The drama’s genre is crime, action and investigation, but each episode includes various lessons Let’s check out Hawaii Five-O.

  1. Cast members have various stories.

  Steve McGarrett
  He was a captain in the past but now has become a policeman. He has a violent temper but he is a good leader who has outstanding investigation ability. He has a permanent scar on his heart from when his father was killed by Victor Hesse.

  Denny Williams
  He moved to Hawaii with her daughter after getting divorced. He had been an ordinary policeman, but after getting involved in Steve’s father’s case, he bonded with Steve and he became a member of Hawaii Five-O.

  Chin Ho Kelly
  He is a disciple of Steve’s father, so he becomes a member of the Hawaii Five-O team. He has a permanent scar on his heart from when his wife was taken as a hostage and killed. He is a Korean-American so he gets a lot of attention here in Korea.

  Kono Kalakaua
  She is the only woman in Hawaii Five-O and she is also Chin’s cousin. She was a surfer, but got injured. This ended her career as a surfer so she entered into police college. Eventually she becomes a member of the Hawaii Five-O team. She is also a Korean-American!

  2. Introduce to an episode; Season 1, Episode #12
  This episode starts with Chin having a bomb stuck on his neck. The whole story goes like this. While investigating a crime, Chin is abducted by Victor, who is the criminal behind this episodes incident. Barricades are installed around Chin to protect others. To come near Chin, people have to wear protective clothing, but Steve and Deny run into Chin without any protective clothing. Chin worries about Steve and Denny because they are in a tight spot and they are not wearing protective clothing. On the other hand, Steve and Denny worry about Chin saying, "you aren’t wearing either." Eventually Victor requires 1000 million dollars to go overseas. Hawaii Five-O finds the place where Victor has collected a massive amount of money and they fight him. Finally they rescue Chin.

  Hawaii Five-O has an omnibus format, handling various issues in each episode. We can learn a lesson from that. Each member of Hawaii Five-O has their own pains and stories, but they do their best in every incident. We can really feel their comradeship in this episode. Don’t you compete with your friends to have power? Like this team that acts without hesitation to save another member, we should be pulling together not biting at each other. When you stop competing with others you can win yourself.

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