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Walk the Flower PathBloom your heart by making a flower wreath.
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@daum.net
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any people like to give flowers to celebrate a graduation or concert. Sometimes they give flowers as a gift to their lover or family and usually they them in a bouquet or as a flower basket. Flowers make us feel happy when we look at them so it’s good to give flower bouquets. But if you create a flower prop using your own hands, it will be a more sincere and impressive present we can both see and smell. To experience the charm of flower, the Gachon Herald reporters experienced how to make flower wreaths.

  1. Made by flower
  When you make a flower wreath from flowers, it is categorized into two large groups; natural flowers and dry flowers. A natural flower has brilliant color and scent but it is difficult to manage. And it has a short life. A dry flower does not have such brilliant color but instead has vintage color. Also a dry flower is easy to manage and it can easily be taken care of semi-permanently.
  There are various types of classes for learning how to make flower wreaths. Full day classes allow you to make several different wreaths during one day. The cost of tuition depends on the amount of time and materials because flowers are relatively expensive. One-day classes cost at least 30,000 won a day. It may seem expensive and you may feel that it is a burden, but it's not a high price if you think about how much hands-on experience you get.
  Nowadays, many people buy some flowers and learn how to make flower props by searching on the Internet or mobile applications. If you want to buy a variety of flowers and a lot of them, I recommend you to go to a flower wholesale market. Business hours are usually 00am to 1pm. There are many wholesalers at dawn so you’d better visit after the morning. You should check which kind of flowers can be dried before buying because some types of flowers are biodegradable and some are dryable. Also, flower prices fluctuate and some types are seasonal so you should research and plan well before shopping.

  2. Preparation and Preservation
  We selected the full day class out of the various classes. The full day class is a bit expensive, but if you want various experiences, I recommend that you take the one-day class. You can make diverse projects like flower bouquets, flower baskets, flower-wreaths, dry flower letters, and flower frames. You should reserve a workshop that lectures you on the projects and classes you wish to take. When you make a reservation, you have to contact the place where you wish to take the class. We reserved a week before the class started. The cost of the tuition was 46,000won per person. The cost of materials is included. The cost to make a flower wreath is 30,000 won to 100,000 won. The cost varies due to the types and sizes of materials on the wreath. Generally, the time required for making one is ½ an hour to 1½ hours.
  Tip: There are workshops that give a discount for re-enrolling. If you want to learn one more time, it would be better to go to the same workshop. Maybe you can get a discount.

  3. Experience
  The Gachon Herald reporters visited after making a reservation. When you are visiting on the reservation time, the teacher will prepare the materials needed for a flower wreath. That day, our class materials were a wreath frame, mini rose, globe amaranth, eucalyptus leaf, misty blue and a glue gun. The lesson began with the teacher's explanation. Because the wreath frame is not a perfect circle, it needs a lot of attention. You have to attach flowers, so that the shape of your flower wreath will become a perfect circle. The way to make a flower wreath is simple. Stick mini rose and globe amaranth on the wreath mold with a glue gun. However, don’t attach it too closely because you need to attach eucalyptus leaves on the mold, too.

  Seeing a flower feels like seeing nature. A flower can emotionally refresh us and bring happiness to our lives. If you give a flower gift with a lot of attention, the person who gets it will feel more pleased. A flower craft needs only a few simple skills and it’s an easy handicraft to learn. Don’t hesitate and just meet the challenge! Also, if you want to try different experiences, take the challenge and make it a new hobby. Let us walk on THE FLOWER PATH!

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