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Beautiful memories of Korea and Gachon University
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  When I first started learning Korean, I had to learn very quickly so I listened to Korean songs, and watched a lot of TV dramas and variety shows. I saw <My Love from the Stars> and <Running Man>. Then I began to like K-pop. After I came to the Gachon University of Korean Language Education Center, my real life in Korea started!
  In the Korean Language Education Center at Gachon, I was started at the level 2 class. I wasn’t going to start at the level 5 class but in the end I studied at the level 6 class. I studied every morning from Monday to Friday. Other times I often played around with the friends I met in Korea. First of all, we went to Myong-dong, however, there were too many Chinese people in Myong-dong, which surprised me very much. The Korean Language Education Center provided the time for us to experience Korean culture. One time we went to Lotte world and I played with my friends from morning until night. It was a very interesting day. I also have been to the Gyeongbokgung Palace 3 times. I have probably visited Gyeongbokgung Palace more than some Korean people!
  Since I liked K-pop I went to some concerts and fan meetings. During those times, I met many friends who liked K-pop and we shared things that we knew about our idols. I got to know many interesting things. When I went to a singing room with my friends, we sang K-pop songs. We could sing for 3 hours without getting tired.
  A year later, I entered Gachon University. Then I realized how very long Korean university vacations are. I was so happy to know that because I do not like to study. I can play a lot on vacation and there are a lot of fun activities I can’t do during the semester. At university festivals, there were many popular singers, and the students played together. We also got to meet the president of Gachon University. I met many Korean friends at Gachon University. I made friends from other countries, too. It was very exciting when I played with people from different countries.
  I went shopping with my friends and ate so many delicious kinds of food. We often saw newly released movies. As I played, I gained some Korean skill and I also learned some other things such as Korean food, Korean manners, and so much more. I did so many things in a day that every day in Korea was a good and successful day.



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