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 There have been many new happenings so far this year. Because of those happenings, I have been physically and mentally exhausted.
 However, with the help of the Director of Education, Ye-Jin, an editor Dong-woo, and the tutor professor of the Gachon Herald, Hae-Ryung Yoon, I am able to work again. Of course, the new cub reporters did a great job in following The Gachon Herald’s laborious schedule and worked hard too. Also, there are many senior reporters who had already retired from The Gachon Herald who helped me a lot whenever I hesitated or when I worried about how to manage this English newspaper. Lastly, there is my forever partner LKJ, who is always there for me whenever I am in a good or bad situation. And his being with us makes me feel good. With the help of all these good people, I could prepare the 134th edition well and I am nearly finished this 134th edition. Also, I could manage the Gachon English newspaper well.
 I have introduced various new systems to the Gachon Herald with the help of these people. First, we do cover cases in Gachon University now. Because it takes a long time for The Gachon Herald to publish news, we have not covered cases in our university. However, I have introduced a cover system so reporters can cover cases, post some sentences on the basis of 5Ws and 1H, and post pictures on the Gachon Herald’s Facebook page. With this system, many students on campus can get access to information on school events in English so I think it is a good system. Second, for the perfect newspaper, editors helped each other and they stayed up all night and revised other editors’ news. Through this, they became closer and the newspapers’ quality has improved, and this has made me very satisfied. Third, we planned our own event. The Gachon Herald has not had outside events before, however, we recently made a ‘Watching Movie with The Gachon Herald’ event which targeted foreign exchange students. This event will be held on the 9th of June. (As of my writing this it has not been held yet.) Thus, I am afraid of a low student participation rate, but at the same time, I have high expectations about this event.
 The Gachon Herald has a new system now and we are going to adopt other new systems as well. If we had had no help from the people that I mentioned earlier, I think there wouldn’t have been a new version of the Gachon Herald. I could not say ‘thank you’ directly to them but I do really thank them. Moreover, I will always remember their help and cheers. With their help, I will put more effort into operating this marvelous Gachon Herald!


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