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Dreaming of coming to Korea
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 Hello my name is Phouthamaly. My friends usually to call me Puii and I'm from Laos. I'm 21 years old by Korean age. Many people might not realize that I’m from Laos. Laos is a small country in South East Asia. At the moment, I'm majoring in free major and from the next semester I want to major in Global Economics. Many people told me that it's hard but I won't change my mind! So many people ask me why I came to Korea. It's like a typical question for every foreigner here. The reason why I'm here is because I think it's like destiny. Actually I have been dreaming of coming to Korea ever since I tried Korean food and saw many wonderful places in Korea on the Internet. Those things made me want to come here after I finished my high school in Laos. I always tell myself I can do it. At that time, I had never heard about Gachon University, but thanks to Koica I have been given this special chance to meet and be at such a nice school. I have learned many things during my first 1 and a half years here in Korea. I have met new people and made friends, adapted to this new environment, and experienced some new experiences. Korean language was hard for me at first, but I’m very thankful to my teacher and friends here who always helped me. I'm from a South East Asian country, so our country’s culture is a bit similar. That is why it's not so hard for me to get used to it. I hope I can do well here until I graduate. Thank you for reading my article. I'm extremely excited to tell you my story.

Phouthamaly Louanedouangchanh

Gachon College of Liberal Arts & Sciences


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