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Virtual Reality is not very realistic in EverlandExperience VR in Everland and let’s evaluate it
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.08.02  12:33:03
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 In 2012, after the Oculus VR company showed up on Kick Starter, a cloud funding site, the VR display market dramatically became more active. Then on the 25th of March in 2014, Facebook took over Oculus Rift for 2 billion dollars. Mark Zuckerberg, CEO of Facebook, presented that he would develop Oculus to use in games, sports broadcasting, remote-education, telemedicine and other fields. Oculus Rift is a virtual reality head mounted display developed by the Oculus VR company. You may be curious about this head mounted display. It is a headset that looks like a black eye patch. Perhaps you have seen it when you searched about VR experiences on the Internet or when you went somewhere to experience VR. After the Oculus boom, Samseong, LG and other large companies started to do VR R&D because they thought VR would be a next generation platform. Everland, a subsidiary company of Samseong, has adopted VR equipment and is operating 3 VR rides to help customers get familiar with VR. We are going to see what kinds of VR rides are at Everland and compare VR rides with other rides that have already been operated.

 1. Tips before going on the VR rides!
 VR rides are located in European Adventure, which is quite far from the entrance to Everland. Everland itself is very large, so I recommend that you to take an English, Chinese or Korean guidebook from the ticket box when you enter Everland. Moreover, there is a free Everland application, so you can be served by many services, for example, smart reservation, discounts or events, information about things to do in Everland, etc. Especially, this application is useful because it shows waiting time and the operating hours of each ride. It even tells you where your car is parked, so it helps car users.

 2. VR Adventure
 The Everland application introduces VR adventure as, ‘With 4D chairs and Samseong Gear VR. You will think you are really experiencing real thrills on T-Express, Mega storm, Horror Maze’. People who are 120㎝ or taller than that can use this VR Adventure. Editors of The Gachon Herald tried this ride to see if they can actually feel similar thrills to actually riding T-Express. Firstly, the waiting line was short
(Weekday standard) and it was not hard to try that ride because staff kindly instructed us how to wear the VR equipment before the VR Adventure started. However, for a VR Adventure, it seemed it was helping people experience T-Express at first but the program was changed to Safari and other various rides in Everland which upset me. Lee Yoel, a second-year student of Imo Middle School in Gimhae said, “T-Express is terrifying and funny but the VR adventure is not that fun or terrifying”. On the other hand, Baek Min Seok, a second-year student of Imo Middle School in Gimhae said, “I liked the directing of this VR Adventure”. 

 3. Robot VR
 The Everland application introduces robot VR as; ‘It combines VR and advanced robot technology. It moves up and down, right to left, and it also rotates a full 360 degrees so that you
can enjoy thrills’. This ride is different from VR adventure which means you need to pay 5000won to try this ride. You can pay by card or cash. If you want to pay cash, you can go to the ticket box in front of Aesop village and buy tickets. In this case, you need to make sure that users who have heavy motion sickness are careful because it rotates a full 360 degrees. However, for this ride, you can be the robot when you ride this Robot VR and fight and run fast with other virtual robots so I thought Robot VR was much more interesting than VR Adventure. Lee Hyun Ik,
a first-year student of Kumpa Technical High School in Gwangju said, “Robot VR was full of fun. But I felt dizzy during the ride”.

 The introduction of new technology brings changes. VR is making some changes in our daily lives. For instance, it is used in not only Everland but also in Lotteria and at a theater in Amsterdam. Maybe in a few years, like Mark Zuckerberg said earlier, VR will permeat various fields. It is true that VR is a promising growth industry, but VR is in a transition period as well. So it would be a great experience for you to experience future through VR whle it is in its transition period.

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