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Do not follow others! Your style is not a copy of someone else’s style!Finding my own hair style with a hairdresser!
Jang Ji-Young  |  95lovejy@naver.com
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 Let’s imagine that you are sitting in front of the mirror in a hair salon. After a while, a hair dresser comes to you and asks which hair style you want. What would you say to the hair dresser? Are you going to ignore the style that suits you and say, “I want a trendy perm or color”, or say “just trim my hair, please” because you are afraid of a new trial? Many people have gone through such an experience. This is because people, who are not hair dressers, are unsure of what kind of hair style suits them best. Among various hair styles, there are hair styles which match your characteristics. For those of you who have been following the trend because you could not find suitable hair styles, here is a solution for you. Decide your new hair style by visiting a hair salon where they match your style and hair characteristics together and then style your hair. 
 Do not worry, just find the right hair salon. ‘Finding your style’ starts from there.
 Among the many hair salons in Seoul, Gachon Herald reporters found one that counsels customers about their customers’ hair before styling it. That hair salon is Leechul Hair Kerker Jamsilshincheon which is located outside of exit number 8 of Jamsilsaenae station, the second platform line. Please note that this place opens from 10a.m. to 10p.m. on weekdays and weekends. Jang Ji Young (Tourism Management, class of ‘15), Lee Ye Jin (Business Administration, class of ‘15), and Park Sung Wan (Facility Fire and Engineering, class of ’17) made early appointments before going to Leechul Hair Kerker. On the appointed day, they all got to the hair salon on time, sat down at the table and each filled in a customer counseling paper. The paper asked questions about the customer’s current hair style, the image that customer wants, how they usually treat their hair and so on. 

 By listening to ‘a hair dresser’s advice’, let’s find intersection between the style that you want and style that suits you well. 
 After filling in the customer counseling paper, reporters sat in front of a mirror in the counseling corner. Then, the hair dresser in charge looked at the reporters’ hair carefully and consulted with them. The hair dresser told each reporter about their hair characteristics, then after listening to the hair style they wanted she suggested some styles that they would be satisfied with and, at the same time, covering any weaknesses. 

 Do not follow a celebrity’s hair just because it is pretty! It is better to change your hair style to suit yourself!
 Editor Jang Ji Young wanted to do a hippie perm, which is trending hair style this year and well known as ‘Sulli Hair’. This is because she wanted to express a lovely image through that hair style. However, she stopped doing the hippie perm after listening to the hair dresser had said, “Because you have sticking out bobbed hair, your face will look like a big mountain if you have that perm”.

Instead, the hair dresser in charge recommended Ji Young get the top of her hair straightened because it is too curly and get the bottom of her hair permed because it was too straight. A picture below shows the before and after procedure. She indeed had the perm as instructed and her face didn’t look big and she looked more cheerful.

 There is a right hair style for each face shape!
 Editor Lee Ye Jin has a round face and fine hair with no layers. Also, her hair color was not unified because she dyed her hair a long time ago but did not have root-touch ups. In addition, she was worried that she did not have enough time, so she did not do the root touch-up. Thus, the hair dresser recommended that she cut her hair a bit, do a layered cut to make her face look smaller and slimmer. Also, the hair dresser suggested the reporter dye her hair dark to unify her hair color. Lastly, to make her face even slimmer, the hair dresser made changes in her parting. In the before and after hair styling pictures below, we can see the differences. Certainly, her hair looks more calm and fresh, and her face looks slimmer. 

 It is important to look for your own vibe that suits you. 
 Editor Park Sung Wan had curly and bright hair. However, he said on the customer counseling paper that he wants a relaxed and intelligent hair style. So, considering his occupation as a student and his preferred image, the hair dresser advised him to color his hair ash brown and get a two-block hair cut to show an intelligent vibe. We could see how reporter Park Sung Wan’s style was natural and well matched for him. 

 All editors were satisfied with their new hair styles, and they all said that it is more important to find a style that suits us rather than to follow the trend.
 Of course, celebrity hair styles on television look cool, however, their hair styles are actually the ones that match them best. If a person with a long face let’s their hair grow long because a celebrity’s long straight hair looks pretty, his or her face would look even longer and bigger. However, if a person with a long face has their hair waved, their face will look smaller. Do not give up finding your own style just because others’ styles look cool. I hope you find your own hair style with professional hair dressers! I really support you!

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