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Are you a good person?Let’s look back upon ourselves through ‘The Good Place’.
Sim Kyu-Han  |  rbgks0103@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.12.14  17:17:42
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 Everyone is subject to death. There is a proverb that a place of a dead person is decided according to his or her behavior while he or she lived. A man who does good deeds goes to the heaven and a man who does evil deeds goes to hell. But let’s think differently about the afterlife that we know. What happens to a person who should get on a train to hell but actually goes to heaven? I will introduce a comedy-drama, ‘The Good Place’, which entertainingly introduces interesting material about the afterlife.

Summary: The main character, Eleanor, is a long way from ‘good people’ in her lifetime. She dies in a ridiculous accident and wakes up in an unknown place. The place in which she wakes up is a paradise called ‘The Good Place’. It is a place where only a few people can reach by getting high scores acquired by doing good deeds while they were alive. Soon, she realizes that she doesn’t fit with the place, but she hides this fact. Because of her actions, however, there is great confusion in ‘The Good Place’. After that, she has ethics lessons from her roommate Chidi, in order to stay in the good place and she gradually changes into a better person through Chidi’s lesson.

 ‘The Good Place’ is a humorous drama based on an unusual world view, and it also has some morality and ethics lessons. Each episode has a main topic and each topic emerges through problem recognition and introspection by the main characters. The drama alternates between the heroine’s past life and her present after-life. This contrast helps to clearly show the heroine’s change. I will introduce several episodes that show some impressive changes in the main character’s.

Episode 3: Tahani Al-Jamil
 Eleanor doesn’t like her neighbor, Tahani. Eleanor disparages Tahani as a smarty pants and steals Tahani’s diary to find her weakness. Eleanor comes to know why she herself blames others. She has an inferiority complex about better people. Eleanor acknowledges this inconvenient truth and respects her neighbors and approaches them sincerely.

Episode 6: What we owe to each other
 This episode is a story about promise. Eleanor doesn’t want to keep her promise with Michael and is rebuked by Chidi. Eleanor recalls her experience of breaking promises in the past by not keeping her promise with Michael. She promised to care for her sister’s dog, but she breaks her promise and goes to a Rihanna concert. As a result, the dog gets a problem and she is criticized by her sister. However, Eleanor shamelessly replies with a review of the concert saying, “Rihanna was very late and a little drunk.“

Episode 7: The eternal shriek
 This episode is a story about lies and truth. Would you mind lying to get a desired result? If it is good for me but harmful for others when we tell a lie, what choice would you make?

Episode 9: Someone like me as a member
 It is a story about teamwork and fellowship. When Eleanor is in danger of being expelled to the bad place, her friends give her a helping hand. Until now, she hasn’t socialized with others in school or company, and she has ignored the favors of others. This episode is about Eleanor never being involved in a team and finally learning the meaning of team and fellowship.

 I have introduced several episodes of ‘The Good Place’. The moral topics are not very difficult in this drama. If you think and consider others a little more, it is through very trivial things that everyone can be protected easily. In the drama, Eleanor looks back on her past, and she improves herself increasingly by correcting mistakes. Could you look back on yourself through your life story and try to become a better person?

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