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Rebirth of Korean traditions through western dessertFusion dessert; making ang-geum cake
Lee Ye-Jin  |  thakd1892@naver.com
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Updated : 2017.12.15  00:11:26
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  Which would you choose; bread or rice cake? You look around you may find some bakeries around but it is hard to find a rice cake shop. Nowadays, we take western food and culture for granted and as a result we have been alienated from our traditions and food. For example, we can hardly find traditional drinks anywhere such as sweet rice drink or sujeonggwa.
  In truth, many of us look for a pasta and pizza rather than Korean noodles and jeon. In this period of rising demand for westernization, there is a movement afoot to regain our traditions called ‘fusion foods’. For example, there is a smoothie flavored with traditional ingredients, kimchi pasta, and so forth. From among these, there is a “tteok” cake that has combined with elements from the fusion trend. It is a fusion desert made with rice cake sheet and ang-geum. We have made a “tteok” cake that is charmingly different from bread cakes.
  There are many decorations on an ang-geum cake including various kinds of flowers all made with ang-geum. Flowers can be roses, carnations, camellia flowers, or daisies. There are different classes for each type of flower so you should make a reservation based on type of flowers you want to learn. Reporters of Gachon Herald decided to learn how to make roses. After we had booked our class, we visited the workshop in Incheon to make an ang-geum cake.
  Usually, in cases of one-on-one or two-on-one class, the way to make rice cake sheet is covered in class, but we had already prepared a “tteok” sheet in a three-on-one class. If you want to learn how to make a “tteok” sheet, inquire about that workshop! There are various types of tteok sheets. Usually, snow white rice cake is used for most occasions but we had prepared a snow white rice cake with strawberry.

  When you visit the workshop, many materials are prepared. The materials to make ang-geum roses consist of ang-geum, food coloring, prop, tool to move the decorations, pastry bag, container and wet-wipes. You can choose the color of rose based on the natural coloring you use. The Gachon Herald reporters chose pink, purple, and yellow. When you select a color, the instructor will mix the ang-geum and the natural coloring in a consistent ratio for you. Because only one color is simple, we made use of three colors; white–light pink-pansy pink, white–light purple-pansy purple, white–light yellow-pansy yellow. We made four flowers with each color for a total number of twelve flowers. 

  To make an ang-geum rose, first of all squeeze a pillar on the prop. Because the pillar plays the role of a prop for the petals, you’d better make it strong to avert risk of failure. You should pay attention to the bottom of the pillar. It is a flower bud when you make the pillar and squeeze a cone on the pillar.

  Then, you squeeze petals in decreasing angles. It might be difficult to make a pillar the first time, but if you try it continuously you will have your own know-how and have fun. You can notice your improved skill when you compare your last rose and first rose.
  Even if you can’t make it well, don't worry about it because the instructor teaches you how to do them slowly. Although she teaches how to make the shape of a rose, several shapes of roses are born by the hands of many people. When you have completed all the roses, it is time to put the roses on top of the “tteok” sheet. First you squeeze some ang-geum on the top of the “tteok” sheet to fix your flower. It is more beautiful when three colors of flower appear like one at the front of the cake. Please be careful when moving the flowers because the ang-geum isn’t solid. When you put on the flowers it should look like the shape of a half-circle. After the flowers are decorated, you should pour the light green ang-geum into the empty spaces to make the sepals part of the flowers. Lastly, decorate it with a ribbon and gift wrap it. The “tteok” cake is completed!
  It may seem difficult when you just look at it, but it is not difficult to do. I think it will be a good dessert if you want a simple taste. Because it is made of rice cake and ang-geum the taste is bland rather than sweet.
  Also, because it is a cake that is made from rice cake, you can feel the true charm of rice cake, not the charm of the bread cake. Your cake will have a lofty elegance and traditional beauty rather than a western splendor. Why don't you make a present of a Korean dessert for others?

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