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Updated : 2017.12.15  00:26:39
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  Gachon Herald 34th Chief Editor; Jang Ji Young
  I cannot believe that I am writing the last editorial right now. This is because the Gachon Herald has been like my daily life, so I cannot believe that this is the end.
  For me, the Gachon Herald has lots of meanings. For the first time in my life, the Gachon Herald made me act as a reporter and meet people I could learn many things from. Moreover, it gave me the experience of hard interpersonal relationships.
  I won’t miss writing ‘articles’. For the 3 years, I wrote as many articles as I wanted about topics that I was interested in.
  And good people; the 32nd and 33rd seniors and colleagues from which I could learn many things. And very cute 35th and 36th reporters!
  The Gachon Herald has given me a lot of presents for the three years. 

  Especially, this year has been the most special for me.
  Working as an editor in chief, I made lots of unforgettable memories with education director, Lee Ye Jin and 35th and 36th reporters. We stayed up all night together to write articles. Sometimes we went to LT (Leadership Training) to Gangneung, and had delicious food together.
  But sometimes I made life difficult for myself and people around me this year because of my lack of ability. The more so because I have tried to be more perfect.
  I am sorry to all who have had a hard time because of me. And I thank those who loved me and cheered for me even though I made them tired.
  I want to say “I love you” to all the people that love me and cheered for me.
  And, I love you, The Gachon Herald.

  Gachon Herald 34th Education Director; Lee Ye Jin
  The 136th edition is finished and a retirement ceremony has slipped up on me unawares. Through the Gachon Herald, I have met precious people like the colleagues who always work with me, the seniors who support me, and the juniors who follow me. I was grateful and happy because I have spent so much time with them. I have accumulated experiences through writing articles such as Interview, Gachonian, and Experience. These activities have raised me up. Especially, I was able to learn a lot from this year. A lot has happened this year; a happy, proud, hard, and sad thing. I could discipline myself like, ‘After the storm comes the calm’. This process makes me grow more and more.

  And now, it’s time to wrap up the activities of the Gachon Herald. I’ll remember every moment including the first meeting, LT, weekly meetings, foundation day, and a retirement ceremony. From 2015 to 2017, I have been happy to and thankful for every minute with 32nd and 33th seniors, 35th and 36th juniors and the most valuable 34th colleagues. I‘ll remember all the time we’ve worked together.
  I love you, the Gacheon Herald.


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