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Digital Korea greets more than High-tech eraDigital experience at Samsung D’light
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  What comes to your mind when you think of the words ‘digital’ and ‘high-technology’? Have you ever thought to yourself that when it comes to technology you’re always either too busy to keep up with it, or it’s just too hard to learn without a manual? If so, I’d like to introduce Samsung D’Light to break the wall between stereotypes.


  With technology rapidly improving day after day, college students desperately need to adapt themselves to the new technology. A place where you can train your adaptability is Samsung D’light.
  Samsung D’light is multi-digital cultural habitat where you can experience the new technologies firsthand that are set to come out. The term ‘D’light’ is a compound word combined of “Digital” and “Light.” It will be a guiding light to the digital world with visions of happiness, adding joy to the world. According to its foundation statement, it’s a free place where you are able to not only experience the machines but also enjoy interesting games, so it’s also called a digital playground. You can not only experience or play games, but also purchase Samsung’s latest IT products and various accessories---so it is acclaimed, from consumers, as the greatest place to get IT products.

  B1 is called the D’light shop and you can purchase Samsung’s latest products here. You can listen to detailed descriptions from the staff and you can draw a comparison among other products that you want to buy. Each product has a considerably wide range of accessories to match the consumer’s taste.

  Floor 1 is an entertainment center where you can experience the media arts. By using products, you are able to make your very own contents for free.

  This is called the ‘capture wall’. Applying various pop-art effects to the photo you captured, you can share various images with your friends.

  You can also enjoy games on floor 1. Even though there are many people waiting, it’s worth the wait once you get there. There is driving, motion capture, digital darts, and fighting games. Above all this, the most important fact is that all this is free.


  You can see products that represent our lives on this floor. This place will surprise you because it shows Samsung’s history, new vision, and future upcoming products.


  It was a great opportunity that met my expectations. I have always been curious about new products coming out and wanted to try them out before I consider purchasing them. The Samsung D’Light center offered just what I needed. I loved the fact that consumers can receive detailed consultation on the latest products from the staff. Not only can you experience it yourself, but you can also take experiential learning programs that they are operating. If you take these programs, you will have a better understanding about the technology. Also, of course there are already high-tech products that are released at the markets; Samsung D’light gives the opportunity to show their vision about future technology that is more progressive to college students.
  If you are a college student who doesn’t want to fall behind the digital world, then visit and “PLAY” - [The reason I used this word is so that you wouldn’t think of it as serious thing. You can just enjoy it!!] at the Samsung D’Light center

* Hours: 10 am~ 9 pm
* Days off : Sunday, holidays
* Free admission
* English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish guides available(Group tours available)
 How to get there:

Official homepage: http://www.samsung.com/sec/dlight/
Naver café: http://cafe.naver.com/samsungdlight


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