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A three-minute boyfriend or girlfriend that I want!
Park Yeon-Sun  |  errdustjs@naver.com
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Nowadays, there are a variety of features in the program, 'Saturday Night Live Korea'. One of them is called, 'a three-minute lover series', which many celebrities appear as boyfriends or girlfriends for three minutes. This is the corner to promote celebrities and capture their fandom. This idea came from the product ‘3 minutes of curry’. This curry brings various types of celebrities together like various tastes of their products. For example, Eric Nam has an insatiable appetite and Tiffany's American girlfriend are representative cases. Have you ever dreamed of meeting your ideal type of person for a short time? What lover do you want to meet? For this, I asked students’ opinions.


Kim Eun Joong (Department of Nano Chemistry, Class of ‘17)

I wish I could meet a three-minute girlfriend who comforts me when I'm sad or tired. If I asked my friends to meet me right away when something bad happens to me, their answer is almost always, “No. I can’t”. Even though it's a short 3 minutes, I might feel reassured if my girlfriend comes straight to my call and comforts me.



Yoon Chae Eun (Department of Computer Science, Class of ‘16)

I want a boyfriend who catches my mind well. That is because it feels like communicating well. If someone can notice my mind at just one glance, it will be the best communication and communion. And I hope there are no secrets between me and my boyfriend.



Shim Kyu Han (Department of Tourism Management, Class of ‘17)

I want to meet an energetic three-minute girlfriend who can amuse me. Sometimes I think that It will be great if there is a funny person for me whenever I become too serious. My ideal type is a person who can give me a good atmosphere.



Cha Ga Eun (Department of English literature, Class of ‘17)

I want a three-minute boyfriend who is not tired even when we travel all the day long.

When the relationship begins, couple goes to many places for date. But if boyfriend easily get tired, we can't enjoy our time perfectly. Time can be leaning toward his rather than ours. So that's why I want such a boyfriend.



Kim Sang Ahn (Department of Electronic Engineering, Class of ‘15)

I want to meet a cute three-minute girlfriend. I prefer a cute and lovely person to a sexy and mature person. I always get interested in such a person. It's a similar feeling that our heart warms up when we see cute babies.



Yoo Chae Yeon (Department of Health Care Management, Class of ‘17)

In plain words, I think the best virtue that a boyfriend should have is being polite and well-mannered. In terms of long-term relationship, I think this kind of person would be the best. For this reason, I will get a feeling of respect from him and I can introduce him to my parents without anxiety.



Kim Jeong Yoon (Department of English literature, Class of ‘17)

My ideal type of person is Ben, a singer. She is popularly known for having a cute image. I would like to go on a date with a three-minute girlfriend that is cute and lovely, but I usually feel shy in front of the opposite sex. So I feel much better if this kind of girlfriend treats me sweetly



Yoo Ha yan (Department of Public Administration, Class of ‘17)

I want to have a three-minute boyfriend who is good at dancing. I’m a member of a dance club that is called EPU of Gachon University. I want to share the same hobby with a boyfriend because I really like dancing. And if he dances well, it will be more helpful because I have something to learn from him.



Lee Jae-sun (Department of Energy IT departments, Class of ‘17)

I want to meet a three-minute girlfriend, who is not obsessed with me. I’m a person first, before I’m someone’s lover. In that sense, I want to be respected in my private life. So I feel burden if my lover steps into my private life all the time.



Choi Ji Woo (Department of Fashion Design, Class of ‘17)

I want to have a three-minute boyfriend, who often writes a letter to me. Speaking is just for a moment, but writing can be kept for a long time. I will get a feeling of being loved whenever I open the letter somewhere.



Lee Cheong Eun (Department of Social Welfare, Class of ‘16)

Honestly, I want to meet a handsome three-minute boyfriend. First, he must be taller than 180 centimeters in height. Second, he must take care of me well. Third, he must have a remarkable sense of style for all to see. And I hope he belongs to the same age group. For this reason, I want to become a couple that other people are envious of when they see us. I wish I could hear people say, “You two are a perfect match.”



As we can see in student's opinions, everybody has different ideal types that they want to meet. But if you get to know more about someone, you will find an unexpected ‘’him’ or ‘her’. Moreover, it’s really difficult for you to meet someone who fulfills your expectation absolutely. So, it's more  important to accept someone's defects than spend your life waiting for the perfect one fitting your criteria. Instead of pursuing instant love such as a three-minute curry, please seek interactive love like as a dietary supplement.

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