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What is a great song that you want to recommend to others?
Lee Yeon-Ji  |  cocorean23@naver.com
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 A life without music would be awful. From the beginning of time, humans have always enjoyed music. Also, for comforting their tired mind and body, they use many ways to listen to music. So, music is part of closely coexisting in our life. Because we are consoled by music when we are tired, everyone has at least one type of favorite music, one heart-moving lyrics, and a longing for one musician. I have heard various opinions from Gachon University students about this theme.
 Min Hong Gi (Department of Korean Language & Literature 16)
 ‘Officially missing you-Geeks’. Usually, I really love the Geeks’ songs. The reason why I especially like this song (Officially missing you) is it’s melody. I think the melody of the piano and beautiful accompaniment fit well with the lyrics, which express a doleful heart about a broken couple.
 Lee Do Won (Department of Computer Engineering 16)
  ‘  Effort-Park Won’. I think the artist’s emotion suits this song. This song realistically expresses a big and small fight of a couple, so I have more attachment to this song because I can feel the emotional lyrics very well. Especially, among the chorus parts, I love this phrase, “Does it make sense to try to love?” And my answer is ‘We can try!’ We each have lived in different environments. So, how can we hope to be perfect in one moment? I trust a barrier in a relationship can be overcome by love and through effort.
 Kim Jun Hyeon (Department of Food Science & Bioengineering 11)
   ‘I love you, and I remember-God’. I usually listen to this music when I am emotional at dawn. For some reason, I feel comfortable when listening to this music. At the introduction of this song, there is a phrase saying, “We dedicate this song to all the people who had to let their lover go away” And I believe this song can comfort all the hard and alone. All the elements of this song are perfect, such as the lyrics, melody, and atmosphere, and so on. I highly recommend it if you want to feel consolation.
 Han Sol (Department of Building Equipment System & Fire Protection Engineering 17)
 ‘A dreamy forest-Kinetic Flow’. I’ve been listening to it for 6 years. I first listened to this song after it was recommended by my friend. After that, I was fascinated with it and before long I had memorized all the lyrics. I listened to it every night. I think I fell under its charm because I feel It’s lyrics express a different world from the real one. When I want to be comforted from distress, I always go find it. This song is a friend for me.
 Kim Min Sung (Department of Bio-Nano Science 15)
 ‘Soul-40(Forty)’. I usually listen to this music when taking a trip or having a walk alone. It is about remembering an ex-girlfriend and I like it because I can empathize with the lyrics. Particularly, the calm and heart-warming melody and a distinctive voice of the singer fully appeal to me.
 Jang Yeong Ju (Global Business Management Track 15)
 ‘Black Happiness-Yoon Mi Rae’. Usually, I don’t listen to music very much, but this song is special forme. I happened to hear it when I was a child. The song was made from the singer’s real story, so I think it was even more special to me. Also, the lyrics that tell the truthful story of the singer are delivered well, so I warmed up to it. Even if the lyrics are not a sympathetic story for my generation, I can still get the heart-warming feeling. The melody is also good, so I hope are able to hear it.
 Kang Dong Su (Department of Electronic Engineering 12)
   ‘Thanks-Kim Dong Ryul’. As the title suggests, this song is a thankful song. Also, it is often selected as a wedding song. I went to see a musical in my childhood and I stumbled on an actor’s song. Since then, I have continuously listened to it because the lyrics are so good. It’s about thanks for existence of the other party, and I thought the mind is very beautiful. I really love this phrase, “I didn’t think my insufficient heart could be of help to others, but now I thank you for that” In this, I can understand that my existence can make others happy.
 Lee Sang Jae (Department of Electronic Engineering 12)
 ‘Present-MeloMance’. It is a song that is a present for me. The lyrics is about the happiness of a man falling in love, but I do not feel empathize with that because I have no girlfriend now. I hope someday it will happen. (Laugh) Nevertheless, the reason why I like this song is that its lyrics can be interpreted as a song for everybody around me. Whenever I hear it, I try to be a good person for others and have a thankful mind.
 It is not easy to give a definition or explanation for the healing force of music. When you feel depressed, frustrated, happy, and love, think about what has always helped you along when feeling such various emotions. Of course, it’s music.
 In this campus talk, we have received many best songs like a friend for our students. Furthermore, it was a good chance to share ideas about different environments and the different personalities that could be grouped into one common thing. I hope you can find your partner song in future life, too.
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