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Stalking; is it only CCTV that is secretly watching you?Drama Stalker, it vividly describes the crime of stalking.
Lee Yeon-Ji  |  coorean23@naver.com
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 On the afternoon of April 19, 2016, the body of one female was discovered in a parking lot of an apartment located in Garak-dong, Songpa-gu, Seoul. A man who broke up with the girlfriend continued to stalk her, and finally, he viciously murdered her by stabbing her several times with a deadly weapon. Stalking refers to the unwanted action of approaching someone consistently and harming their body and mind. We often hear about stalking of celebrities who suffer frequently from this crime. However, only 10% of stalking crimes target celebrities, the rest is applied to ordinary citizens. In other words, anyone can be a target of stalking. Now, let me start to introduce the drama Stalker, in which you can realize the spread and seriousness of stalking.
 1. Summary and character
 The drama is the story of the stalking crime task force in the U.S. The Stalker consists of various episodic stories of stalking. Beth, who takes on the team leadership of the stalking squad intends to solve a case from her past experience of suffering stalking. She keeps a level-head about the case, but at the same time, she is a warm person who easily understands the victim’s sick heart. Detective Jack, who belongs to a murder case squad finds where his ex-wife and his son are, and after much meandering, gets to move to the stalking squad in L.A. He couldn’t see his son due to a conflict with his ex-wife, so he shows his duplicity by stalking her and her son like a stalker.
 2. Introduction of the episodes
 Episode 1, The story of a stalker who clings to fire.
 Kate is an interior designer. In spite of her job, the structure of her room is a little awkward; a bed placed in an ambiguous position close by the door, messy stuff in a storage closet. That’s right. Watching the silhouette of a stalker under the door, she trembled with fear every night. She has somnipathy, but she doesn’t eat sleeping pills because she is afraid to fall asleep. The stalker tapes her daily life and causes her to feel threatened. He has asked her for a date, but he was refused, so he stalks her with revengeful thoughts. Eventually, he murders her cruelly by setting her body on fire.
 Episode 8, An indelible past.
 One day, a man’s house in a quiet suburb is damaged and now his family trembles in fear from this tragic event. Marc Richards, this episode’s main character, intends to repent for his faults and wants to live a new life of small pleasures in a small village. In the past he belonged to a skinhead gang. The gang feels betrayed by him because he dropped out, so they hate him and stalk him and his family. They even intend to kill his wife and his son by shooting a gun at midnight. Like this, they continue to cause his family to live in fear. His neighbors know all about this urgent situation, but they are reluctant to get involved in his affairs because he was of a skinhead gang member.
 The crime of stalking is a daily crime and is prevalent all around us as we peer at the anger of the stalker rejected by Kate and the cruel revenge of the skinheads due to a sense of betrayal by Mark, who they had thought as their colleague. In this way, there are many motives in the stalking such as rage, refusal, jealousy, and vengeance and so forth. Also, even if we know we can be a victim of the crime, it is so hard to recognize the fact. So, you must keep an eye out if there is anyone who threatens you even a little. Stalking is a dreadful crime that can ruin a man’s life, do you think it is still unrelated to you?
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