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Perfume; the inside story and sensibility.Make your own special perfume with perfumer!
Lee Yeon-Ji  |  cocorean23@naver.com
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 When people buy perfume, many consider only one thing: the scent. All humans are sensitive about the scent. The interesting fact about this is that they only stick to the scent, but that they are insensitive to the inside story and emotions of the scent. In fact, on acquaintance, the life in the perfume makes it look more attractive. So, just like that a curator explains works in an art museum, let me introduce you to a very interesting experience. Listen to perfume’s story from a perfumer and make the perfume of your own story.
 Studio SALONDU PERFUMEUR is in Jongno-gu, Seoul. The program is run hourly from 1:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day, with a reservation system. Gachon Herald reporters made a reservation at 4:00 p.m. in advance and visited there. A maximum of four people can participate in this program at one time, and at a price of 50,000 won per person, it is not cheap. The program consists of three activities: feeling fragrance, making fragrance, and experience of perfume’s story.
 Recall the fragrance’s image
 When visiting the studio, before making the perfume, you go through a process of savoring and selecting the smell of your own preference. In the foreside wall of the small workroom, each fifty-fourths scent is disposed, and that scent is what perfumers imagine. Each of our reporters selected 5 of their favorite aromas, wrote their concept and sense of the scent they want to make, and submitted the paper to the perfumer. Visualizing the invisible scent in this way is the process to enjoy the fragrance. At this time, you can enjoy the scent after shaking a perfume paper to evaporate the alcohol and so you can feel the scent of the undiluted solution.
 Let’s decide the ratio I want!
  I  In this course you decide the ratio of each of the five scents to fit your image. Our class made the 40g size of perfume, so we allocated a higher ratio of the scent that suited each one’s concept. At this moment, the perfumer reads your concept from the paper and adjusts the scent’s ratio through feedback.
 Blending and finally completing the perfume!
 The blending work is the process of mixing the undiluted solution of the perfume based on the final ratio. To make the perfume you want, you must mix the liquid at the exact rate. So, you have to pay close attention to this sequence. After your perfume is completed, then you name it in your own way. We also named our own perfume according to each story and sensibility. Park Yeon-sun, Gachon Herald reporter, named it ‘Codeline’ because she selected the concept; freshness. It is just like the feeling when she does the laundry with her lover in the front yard. The name seems to bring up the image of dapperness and bubbles. Park Sung-wan, Gachon Herald reporter, named her’s, ‘63kilogram’ because he wishes us success in losing weight this year. I was inspired by the movie Danish girl, so I named mine, ‘Danish girl’. I want to express the feeling of happiness, frustration, and depression that a man in the movie feels in finding his gender identity.
 Trail of scent
     At the end of the program, you can tell the story behind the perfume to the perfumer, enjoying the scent of his perfume. We also heard the story of six perfumes. Let me introduce one of them. That’s the perfume ‘WERTHER.’ This is the perfume that he made based on the motif of a novel, The Sorrows of Young Werther. The story consists of three contents, which are meeting, imbuement, and lingering imagery. At the meeting, you can feel the thrill of the moment when Werther, a main character, met women of fate for the first time. And also, you can feel the warmth of consolation and find that Werther is frustrated and is saddened by his failure of love at the imbuement. Lastly, at the lingering imagery, you can feel his innocence in preserving his love for her through the awful consequence of suicide. After the reporter, Park Yeon-sun, tries the perfume, she said that the fragrance was also gloomy as the overall mood of the novel was gloomy.
 A very popular perfume for women is the lovely scent Petite Cherie. Do you know about the story of this perfume? It expresses a mother’s full love for her daughter, this perfume expresses the memory of a lifetime with her beautiful childhood.
 If you have abundant knowledge about anything, you will also have more choices. The same is true in making a choice of perfume. It is great to distinguish the difference between only feeling one-dimensional scent and knowing the whole story, feeling, and history that the scent contains. From now on, when buying perfume, why don’t you consider not only glossy charm, but also the inner beauty of it?
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