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How much do you use your phone?No social interaction, even when we are with each other.
Son Ji hyun  |  umum27@hanmail.net
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Updated : 2012.05.03  21:31:05
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 Doesn’t this look like you?

  In the bus, we constantly stare at our mobile devices.


 Even at bus stops, people still focus on their phones.


 Cafés and restaurants are no exception.











 Have you had any chance to look at your friends when you are not occupied with your cell phone?


  Now, turn off your cell phone and look at your friends.

No matter how fast the world may change or how much technology improves, technology must not rule us. Now, turn your eyes from the display screen and get back to the real world. We will then be able to find much more meaning in our lives, which is priceless.



Cafés and restaurants are no exception.

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