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The leader I think of
Kim Min-Jae  |  kmjipod8@naver.com
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 In 2017, I passed one year as a cub reporter. According to the rules, in 2018, I should become a reporter. However, I became both a reporter and managing editor. Usually, a junior takes the role of managing editor but the former managing editor appointed me as the managing editor because we don`t have any juniors. However, I had never imagined it because I didn`t think I was the best reporter myself. Like this, I became managing editor without any preparation.

 The phrase, ‘Office changes manners’ applies to me. Compared to last year, I have changed. Last year at the Gachon Herald, I was a person who worked quietly and stuck to my work. However, this year as I represent the organization, my viewpoint has changed completely. Even during vacation, our reporters came to school for articles. I feel thanks and sorry for them, so I take care of them as much as I can. Then, my freedom decreases and some situations inevitably come to me. After this vacation, I have a question, ‘What kind of person is a leader?’ In former times, I thought a leader has less hardship than junior staff. In addition, leaders can avoid what they don`t because they can make final decisions peremptorily. However, after becoming a leader, I feel it is very different from before. The most important target of the position is for the organization or members, not me. lAlso, leader`s have to sacrifice themselves for others.
 Consequently, while we prepare for no. 137, I tried to make other reporters comfortable as much as I could. Of course, they might not notice my efforts because I`m not yet seen as a real leader. So, I keep trying to work hard now to be a good leader. If I do like this steadily, won’t they notice my efforts someday?

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