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Change of life attitude through the Hawaii Elite Course
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 Whenever a new year comes, people make new year’s resolutions in their own terms. I also make plans for the new year and write down what I want to accomplish to develop myself. However, unlike before, the year of 2017 began without any plans. That is because I was waiting for my departure to Hawaii the next day, on January 2. I could not sleep with excitement and expectation. It was my first foreign trip as an adult, at the same time, the fact that Hawaii is called the world's best paradise makes me treat the beginning of the year meaninglessly. While I take a long journey after the tour Gil Foundation, is completed, I spent the time on writing down what I want to get from Hawaii. It was confidence in English and good relationships with people. I arrived in Hawaii when I was deeply absorbed in these ideas. I was stiff on the plane, but under the warm, mind climate and scorching sunlight, the fatigue I had accumulated was washed away. Most of all, Hawaii’s weather, compared to today’s cold snap in Korea, is still creating nostalgia.
 I had a meaningful time for three weeks to achieve two things I wanted. Through these activities; the group life in IMPAC, various outside activities, dormitory life, etc., I was able to get out of the awkwardness of group life and dicover pleasure with others and develop myself. In addition, learning English there was enough to give me confidence, running around with my own feet to speak and learn English combined with local culture, not sitting at my desk to learn it. For the short period of three weeks, I think I made the foundation to grow both inside and out. In the last week, as we were usually tired, I spent a quiet time in the suburbs, not going to distant Hawaiian attractions. After I watched the sunset at the nearby hotel's swimming pool or Waikiki Beach, I came back after dinner to ease my sad feelings. We enjoyed making good memories thanks to the president of Gachon University, Gill-Yeo Lee. And we made a preparation for the talent show to welcome the president who visited the Hawaii dormitory for the first time in years. Each group had prepared a good and rich performance and had a great time in the last hours of being in Hawaii.
 It has been a year since I went to Hawaii. I achieved my goals in Hawaii and I am currently continuing to work on it. I also remember Hawaii as the best place to travel with the best people in my life. Since the selected people consisted of excellent people in the school, even if they come to Korea, they do not neglect to develop themselves. As a result, most of them are working and taking a step forward as members of society. All of the people including myself have been working hard to develop a sense of cooperation and to be a true member of society based on Hawaiian life and strive to achieve good results. Through the school program, I was able to recognize the community of us, not the individual, and could grow even more. Thanks.

        Lee Sun Moo

       Dept. of Global Business  Administration

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