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Jewelry, which makes everyone stare“Gold digging” experience, which discovers me concentrating
Kim Min-Jae  |  kmjipod8@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.07.31  13:04:20
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 Some people say that they can`t concentrate on one thing. In fact, sometimes they fail to focus on one thing, such as doing more thinking or doing another job or quitting one. Most of them set their own maximum concentration and live up to that standard. But what if you told them, "You can find jewelry anywhere." Wouldn't your concentration be more than you know? Depending on the situation, a person's concentration is higher than the standard he or she has set, and it is possible that he or she is meeting his or her own limits. So, we went to the café, “Hongdae Halli Galli” recently to see if human concentration would change when we did something that would benefit us.
 You can experience two things there. This is the experience of collecting gold and diamonds. Bookings only get paid during peak seasons, and usually they do not take reservations. We could go in the off-season without making reservations. First, when you go to the cafe, you can choose what you want to experience and then choose a drink. Afterwards, you start a video with a detailed description about how to experience it.
 First of all, collecting gold provides a bowl of sand and gold mixed with sand, panning plates, and mini bottles from the information desk. Then, go to the place where you are ready to experience and pour sand and gold into the panning plate. Then, shake the panning plate in water to send sand into the water. Gold sinks to the bottom of the plate because it is heavier than sand. Therefore, if the panning plate is shaken slightly by soaking it in water, only sand can be poured into the water. If you shake it too hard, you may spill gold with the sand. Repeat the rocking action and take the remaining gold from the bottom of the plate and put it into a mini bottle. The remaining gold is very small and should be put into the mini bottle with a spoon or tweezers.

 For the diamond experience you receive a barrel of sand, diamonds and other contents, tweezers, a sand dish, a magnifying glass, and a mini from the information desk. Then, go to the table with the lights and start the experience. The way to experience it is to sprinkle the contents of the bowl on a sand plate. Then, shake the sand plate to spread the contents evenly. Then, use the magnifying glass to find the diamonds hiding in the contents. Diamonds are very small and difficult to see with the naked eye. Therefore, the trick is to take advantage of the lighting by referring to the highly shiny characteristics of diamonds compared to other minerals. Each container contains at least one to three diamonds. Just like gold, you can put your diamond in a mini bottle.

 The diamond or gold found is genuine, and you can check it with the machine at the information desk. You can take as many diamonds or gold as you can find. If you collect 0.3 g of gold and 0.0g of diamonds, you can replace it with a gram of pure gold, and 30 of diamonds with 0.1 carats.

 Maybe before this experience, everyone will have a common idea: "I will find gold or diamonds." In fact, the same was true of me. Usually, I haven't focused on one thing for a long time, but this time I was different. I didn't realize it while looking for diamonds, but when I thought about it, I could remember looking for them with great concentration. It was the same with the reporters. In order to find diamonds or gold, they also looked for them forgetting to have a sore throat or arm. That way, a human being can concentrate more than he thinks in front of a substance. But immediately after that, we found out just how rapidly this focus had fallen. After looking for a diamond, I could see myself unable to concentrate, thinking no matter how hard I searched for it, I could not find it.
 After all, one's concentration is not set in figures. Depending on how much you focus on the task, or how much you want to do it, your concentration may decrease or be more than you think. Here, you can check your concentration level. If you think you have not concentrated enough, why don't you try to find gold or diamonds here and feel the amount of concentration you have never noticed?

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