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First Step to Know me – Art therapyWhat is the ‘Art Therapy’ program at Gachon University?
Park Woo Jeong  |  redsun022@naver.com
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Updated : 2018.07.31  14:08:29
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Is it hard to express your feelings? or do you need more understanding of the culture in which you've lived? If so, there is a program which I'd like to recommend. The program is Art Therapy held at Integration Development Psychology Center at Gachon University (7th floor of the Global Center)

Art Therapy program is an ‘art expression activity' for people who have difficulty expressing their feelings and experiences, and for foreign students who have trouble with cultural adaptation. Through this program, participants can gain some psychological stability. They also have time to grow on their own by sorting out their feelings and looking at their inner side.

The programs are basically proceeded by drawing and other creative activities. In 2016, the theme of the program was set for each day of the week and was organized as a group activity. But this year, it is focusing on individual art treatment. It consists of personal consulting where participants can draw pictures or make something, but they can progress differently depending on personal reasons or appeals. The number of counseling sessions consists of eight sessions and is conducted four times a month for two months. The cost of the program is 10,000 won a month, and the total cost is 20,000 won.

If you want to apply or ask about the program, you can use email (rlaslttl8210@nate.com). When you apply for the program, you should write your age, sex, day and time, what you want, a reason for consultation on email. After the application is completed, the person in charge of the call begins. The consultation is conducted in accordance with the schedule of the Integrated Development Psychological Center and the applicant's time. If the desired time frame is not correct, there may be some waiting.

Self-understanding is having your own concept of ' I am like this '. The start of this process of self-knowledge is to know your preferences, to express your feelings honestly. For example, if you could answer the question, what is your favorite food, then the person would know what he or she likes. These simple questions that they or others have asked are based on their understanding and expression. Therefore, I hope you get to know yourself through this program and experience how to express it.

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