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The aesthetics of the slow pace of seeing the flowers around meThe existence of surroundings recognized by the blooming flowers
Kim Min-Jae  |  kmjipod8@naver.com
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 We are living in an age where time is moving rapidly. Whether the trend in today's society is following 'fast', people try to do everything as quickly as possible. Getting used to it so quickly has made a difference. It is an interest in the periphery. In the past, if people lived with attention to their surroundings, such as feeling relaxed or caring for their surroundings, we are now indifferent. No matter what is missing or emerging along the roadside, we are not aware of the change. Why don't you take some time to look around and relax? I don't think I've ever thought about what's always around me, especially flowers. That's why I'm going to tell you the story of walking around and seeing the blooming flowers.

 You can find flowers easily even if you can’t attend a flower festival or go to a place famous for blooming. There is a place near my house in which many people in my neighborhood that is blooming to the point that it is called the flower length. I have never looked closely at flowers blooming around me because I had to use public transportation or go to my destination quickly and because I was busy. The road was full of flowers. Today, however, I walked in a leisurely way without being pressed for time. The flowers are a beautiful background, naturally occurring on the road without any indication of where they begin. I took the cherry blossom path. There are many different places where flowers bloom. Some flowers are too high to reach, and some are low enough to smell when you bend your waist. I had participated in a cherry blossom festival held in Yeouido and Fukuoka in the past, but it felt different. There were many flowers in the festival, but there were so many people that I did not feel like watching the flowers with composure. But I could see myself around the house as much as I wanted. It was the first time I saw cherry blossoms near. I could easily hear that cherry blossoms are pretty flowers, but today I think I finally know why. As I slowly walked along the street looking at the cherry blossoms, I thought of many things. I am always around, but I am not bothered by it or ignored it because it was annoying. I walked only about 10 minutes alone, but what I thought, or felt, during those 10 minutes was not something I could feel even after thinking for an hour. This little time is going to make a difference in my life. It is to look around with composure in mind.
 Flowers are not the only things you can see when you walk around slowly. If you look around, you probably pass by without paying attention. They are always there for them, despite changes. Have you ever paid attention to these things? Or have you ever thought about it? You don't have to take a long time. Even a short time will be meaningful for you. Sometimes walking around with time and composure, I hope you will be interested in the existence of these things.

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