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The happy moment in GuamDon’t be afraid to be brave
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 From January 3 to 30, 2018, I went to the University of Guam (UOG) for a short overseas course. 

 When I was filling out the application, I had a lot of thoughts about which country to go to. I applied to UOG as my first choice considering the countries, training programs and expenses. First of all, UOG has cheap air fare because it is close to Korea. Depending on the timing of the purchase and the departure date, ordinary air fares can be purchased in the price range of 300 to 400,000 won, and even in the mid to late 200-thousand won range at reasonable prices. Second, I can make friends at the UOG. Though the college's descriptive material says a buddy is matched to each group, it did not match each group. You can get along with your buddies who come to play at a single house. It is best to make new friends, but there are many good ways to make buddy friends. Public transportation is not active in Guam. So, most of our transportation was by taxi. However, most of the students in the country have their own cars, so when we get close to buddies, they travel with us and guide us around the famous restaurants in Guam.
 Now, let’s talk about the class. The classes at UOG are divided into two classes through a simple test; self-introduction in English and interview with professors. Classes are activities that lead to speaking with a partner or group. To do this, I had done various activities. For example, talking about a topic with friends, a simple role-playing, solving a problem and so on. The most memorable activity was interviewing students at the UOG. And then, the final exam was a presentation about one topic. I gave a presentation on how to make earrings, and it was a presentation of my favorite field, so I could prepare it pleasantly.
 Three weeks was not enough time to dramatically improve my English. It was not perfect but it was a good chance to get rid of the fear of English and challenge in trying to use English.
 The best thing about this short overseas training was meeting new friends and making some precious memories with my members. Everyday life was like a dream for me. This short-term overseas training was one of the happiest times of my college life.

 Thanks for giving me good memories, team 4♥

Lee Ye Jin

Dept. of Business Administration

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